I caught a Bug

A couple weeks ago, I had my siblings stay with us
Kelsey (Bug) flew into SLC from FL 
(where she's been living/working for the last few months)
Tyler (and his girlfriend, Carlie) and my other sister Courtney drove from CA
I've never been able to hang out with just one sibling. Five kids in our fam. Hard
So I was really excited to pick up Kelsey from the SLC airport

We grabbed some lunch at one of my favorite Chinese restaurants in Sandy
Kelsey loved it.... Of course... I have good taste!
As soon as we got all her luggage, which, Belive me- It was a lot
(I've never seen so many Disney things in my life! Seriously)
We immediately drove up the Provo Canyon for picture adventures! YAY!
I was so excited to take her to one of my favorite places! Jake's fave too
I was showing her all sorts of different settings on her camera, like TV mode...

This is TV mode. It just makes the water look smoother. 
The only thing is- You have to have a tripod to make the camera steady.
I have a tripod, thank goodness, but for those who don't? Sad day

This (below)is without TV mode. What a difference!

These (below) are all shot in TV mode. Anything with water= Shoot in TV mode

Kelsey and I just had fun goofing around with our Cannons.
Good times. I wish you lived here

When Courtney, Tyler (and his girlfriend, Carlie) arrived, we all went out for dinner, Friday night. It was so much fun having all my siblings here (minus the youngest, Austin). I definitely wished they lived here. They all go to school at BYU-Idaho, so they're on an every other semester track. They've always stopped and stayed with me (wherever I've lived), to help break up their drive between California and Idaho. It's a nice little pit stop for them, so they only have to drive the rest of the four hours at another time. I love it! This is the second time they've stayed with me and Jake (at our little place). It's like we're all one big, happy family! 

The twins woke up early Saturday morning & drove the rest of the way to Idaho. They had to check in & get their books. 

Tyler and Carlie drove up to Salt Lake with me and Jake, and we spent the day shopping at the new City Creek Center (which is so nice and owned by the church). It was pretty much the best feeling ever, to shop and see the temple where Jake and I were married in. We played on our Kinnect, when we got back Saturday night, and just had an all-around good time with them. I'm so glad they were able to stay an extra night with us. It was sad to see them go Sunday morning, but I was exhausted, so it was time. 

we'll see you in July/August ish when you drive back through

Wuv. True Wuv

I recently was asked to photograph a wedding for my friend, Ashley.
Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs.
The groom is actually my old bishop's son. Ashley (bride) was a good friend of mine.
Ashley was one of the first girlfriends I had in Utah
She helped a lot at our reception, so I'm glad I was able to return the favor.

 Ashley and Bryan Nay
Manti (Utah) Temple

Duran Duran

our friends (Jenn & Joey) had a baby 
Of course they had him while we were in Vegas
I texted Jenn while we were on the road, telling her not to have the baby 
yeah that didn't work

We are so excited baby Tegan is here though
I love his name! So different

I love snuggling with baby Tegan
He's so tiny and very snuggly. oh I just love him!
Congrats to the new parents. We want you to come back over soon!