One year. Booyah

Jake and I celebrated our one year anniversary this weekend. It was so nice!
I can't believe it's been a year already! Holy cow
It really makes a difference when someone is your best friend. Really
I can honestly say Jake was my best friend before I married him

PS- post later on our weekend get away


One year ago (today) we boarded the ship for our honeymoon to the Bahamas

Here are our hands in the Bahamas sand

Thanx (mom) for the cute Pinterest idea

We had so much in Florida before and after the cruise. Loved it
what a difference the east coast beaches are, compared to west coast

We hope to (one day) go back to the islands. I'm just glad we aren't there right now
We would've left in the middle of a big hurricane. Dodged that bullet!

If you all didn't get a thank you (post) card from us, I'm sorry
I tried to keep track of everyone's addresses. But just in case...
here you go 

We truly appreciate all the love from our family & friends. Thank you!!!! 

It's been a great first year. We've been through a lot, and from what I hear, it never really stops. It's a journey we're on together though, and I can't imagine going through life trials without this guy by my side. He is my everything and means so much to me. He's my best friend and will never know the love I truly have for him. Though I may have a hard time expressing it sometimes, I really do cherish how lucky and blessed I am, to have found Jake. Third times the charm, right? (or three times tried) 
We talked about goals, we have for this year, on the way home from our weekend get away. Those are very personal things I choose to not share with others, and will only journal in my personal space though. I'm very excited about said goals. This year will be another growing year for us, as every will be. I look forward to sharing some of these growing experiences with you and cannot wait to photograph more journeys. Here's to our first year of marriage and being sealed to my best friend for all time & eternity. SLC | October 29th, 2011


I have found

I have found a lot of things lately. Not things like items
but things in general that I've discovered
I guess a better post for this would be I've discovered a lot of things
I feel good. I feel accomplished. It took me awhile though
Oh well. Better luck next time?

I have found that it's okay to have different friends for different things
I used to not think this was okay. I used to consider it cheating
or even couples cheating
Seriously guys. I'm sure you all have found this too
You're just too afraid to admit it. And that's okay. I'll be the first
but I have learned (and am now admitting) that it's okay

There's certain friends (I have found) who I call for different things
I call certain friends for shopping
I text certain friends to vent
(you know who you are)
I Facebook certain friends for hanging out, when they Facebook me first
(you don't want to come off as a snob, rubbing it in someone else's face)
I call certain friends for running brief errands
I vacation dream of vacationing with certain friends

I have found- this is okay

While I can go to a concert with one friend, I may not want to with another
We may not have the same style of music. They may be calm, reserved, etc.
Same with crafting. I have found some people like crafting while others say they want to craft and they never do
Instead, I just see things on Facebook or Instagram, of their adorable project later
It's okay. No feelings hurt. Just don't tell me you want to do something with me ever again
Ha. I'm only joking

but seriously :)

I have found it's okay to have different friends for different things
and I'm okay with that
now :)

Trust me- I wouldn't ever want to put all my friends together in one vacation spot for a long period of time anyway.
Hello- That just screams chaos. Am I right or am I right?
Too many personalities. Just too many, I have found

I have found it's easier for me to have one or two close friends
(who I totally and completely trust 100% with every bit of information)
and then have other friends on the side, who I just do random things with
I have found it's easier to trust and it's less hard ache
I am still heartbroken when trust is broken with a friend. I'd rather avoid it
hence the different friends for different things
I like it and I have found to love you all for different things



Last weekend, I got to see my sister
She is the youngest of the three girls and I just love her
Well... I love her and her twin the same, so I guess I adore them both

I get really excited when I am able to hang out w/just one sibling
this very rarely happens, especially with the twiners 
(they tend to travel in pairs)

So Kelsey Bug came down from Idaho w/her art class
and of course I had to see her

Jake and I met her on BYU campus

Museum of Art

hahaha this is funny
When my younger brother (Tyler) was younger, he couldn't say Kelsey's name
So he called her Kashi. 
We saw this sign at the BYU Museum of Art 

It was a great night. I got to see my seester and beautiful fall trees


Epic Weekend

I think this title should speak for itself. Epic weekend
My parents came into town for conference weekend and my best friend and I went to a concert. (not in that order)
And not just any concert. Garbage.
that's right

This was Friday 10/5

My best friend and I have been to so many concerts/shows together

from left to right photo below
OkGo, VH1 Big in '06 Awards, Chris Daughtry, Gwen Stefani, Ace Young, Click Five, No Doubt/Paramore, The '07 Grammys, and Mandy Moore
The American Music Awards is where it all started in 2006
best friends forever

So my parents (and youngest brother) got here early afternoon on Saturday
We went to dinner (to celebrate my dad's birthday) at Texas Roadhouse 
and then... bowling
oh yeah
Dad was is a youngen. What a trooper!

Aubs and Shorty  mom

Youngest brother (Austin Bubba/Mr.) Jake and dad

I got some (much needed) best friend/girl time in too. Sigh
I love this girl. Please. Please. Please. Move to Utah
Leave LA. It's not that great :)

Kellie and Aubs. Best friends foreverrrrr 

I'm already planning on going out to California for the 2013 Grammys, and cannot wait! Kellie and I (for sure) have a lot of fun together & every time we get together, it's like we pick up right where we left off. It was really nice seeing my family, even though they were only up here for 24 hours ;) It was nice seeing you all! I love everyone posted above 


365 days ago

 I cannot believe that we sent out our wedding announcements a year ago
Wow! Time has sure flown by
I still remember the first card/present we got in the mail. Post later on that
I love looking back & reflecting on this time/journey we had. Oh boy
If we only knew what we were in for :) Just kidding of course

These cards (pic. below) were so special to me in our invites. If you got one= You're special

PS- I know it was a lot to ask, for you guys to arrive 30 minutes prior to 8:20
On a Saturday might I add
Trust me when I say- I know. We had to be there earlier than all ya'll 

The wedding announcements were a bit of a hastle. Let's just enjoy them
or we can talk about them so you know

I originally had a very talented friend design them. Epic fail
Not the friend. Not the designing. Me. My indecisiveness 
I wanted everything to be perfect. I wanted to top everything
Most importantly, I wanted to make everyone proud
This was all me. No family was here to help me. No mom, other than phone
Just me. It had to be something that showed all my work

This is the best I could come up with

 The announcements were supposed to be a tan background. Not green
Oh well. Everything else came out decent. I loved the font/color of our names
they were the perfect color of coral, to go along w/the wedding colors
I loved the brown scroll work too. That turned out great
I loved how we worded the announcement too. We announced ourselves :)
(that's proper etiquette for when you're throwing your own wedding)

I spent many hours on Google, trying to figure out proper etiquette 
this is what we came up with

Photo taken on my iPhone

We did beige envelopes to match the wedding colors as well. Loved them!
I found the stickers @ Hobby Lobby (duh!) and they just matched perfectly
so naturally I had to get them to work as envelope seals 
we used clear address labels to address the guests & as return addresses

Photo taken on my iPhone

I loved every bit of sending out the wedding announcements. It was so exciting to me! Even staying up late the night before, stuffing them all in our living room and double checking to make sure the right people got the right sealing invites, was exciting. Ha! I'm exhausted just listening to how much work it was. And we only invited like 50 people to the sealing & sent out like... I dunno- A good couple hundred invites? Yeah- So it wasn't even that many we had to invite to the actual ceremony. But, super paranoid me had to double check everything (twice) just to make sure! We didn't want Joe Shmo coming to the ceremony, and not grandma. Oh- I could just see nightmares in the future.  
Also- We sent out two different pictures. These pictures had to be perfect. Any bride knows this. Your wedding announcements say a lot about yourself. I wanted people to know the theme (vintage) and the colors (coral, tan and brown), by looking at the announcements. I hope I accomplished this!
I also didn't want people (who hadn't ever met me yet) to judge me negatively, when they first look at my picture! Oh- The 14545243284663 thoughts that ran through my head. (is that even a number?)
PS- I've always thought it was tacky to announce where we were registered. Everyone figures you're registered at Target and Bed Bath & Beyond anyway, so I didn't feel the need to put it on there. An announcement, is simply a way of telling people (family/friends) "Hey, we're getting married. Come help us celebrate at our reception and if you're cool enough, we'll send you an invite to the actual ceremony." That's all a wedding announcement is. So, I chose to be less tacky and not put that on there. I just wanted people to know we were tying the knot. 
We still received plenty of gift cards (in the mail) and at our wedding reception. Both, of which were extremely useful/helpful. Promise! And- Sorry if I offended any of you readers out there, by calling you "tacky." I just didn't want people to think that's why we were sending out invites. 
* side note * I've been on Pinterest several times, looking for ideas of what to do w/extra wedding announcements. Nothin yet. My creative juices need to get rollin on this! I have OCD when it comes to storing things for a certain amount of time. They must go, all!
And- if you're reading, I hope we sent out an invite to you. If not- I'm sorry. We have plenty of extra invites, that I could send to you 365 days later?