The latest and not so greatest

This whole pregnancy my doctor has had me on close watch, seeing as I developed preeclampsia w/Jovi and was diagnosed w/hypertension after delivery.

Because I had high blood pressure w/Jovi, this pregnancy has been a high risk pregnancy, and my doctor has had me on careful watch. Sometimes my blood pressure is higher than others, but bottom line whenever it jumps (even in the slightest), I've been on careful watch. 

I'm grateful to have such a great team of doctors & nurses behind me, but man is it nerve wracking!
We've been playing this game of "Oh you have high blood pressure," and "Oh you don't have high blood pressure now." It's been a matter of ups and downs, highs and lows.

I've been high risk this entire time, and unlike others, I go quite often to the doctor's office. Thank goodness I love my OBGYN and all his staff! Seriously :)

Normally one's doctor's visits are 6 weeks apart (in the beginning). Mine were days apart (in the beginning) and then I eventually got to 3-4 weeks apart. Which was nice. Mine were getting further & further spaced out, while other's were getting closer & closer together. 

And then my blood pressure kinda spiked again.

And I've been seeing my doctor at least every two weeks since.
I saw my doctor last Monday (03/23) NOT for a normal OB visit. It was to check my blood pressure. It ended up being recorded as 163/91, by the nurse…. Except when my visit w/Dr. Allen was all said & done, my doctor re-took my blood pressure TWICE, and it was a lot lower... Happens all the time. 

After last week's visit, my doctor recommended we do the ever so dreaded 24 hour urine analysis. I had to do this before w/Jovi (twice actually), and it's just not fun. It's the most annoying 24 hours of your life, and you really can't leave your house while doing this, because you have to urinate in a huge jug every time you use the restroom. You also have to keep said jug on cold ice, or in a refrigerated area at all times. Soooo it makes things impossible for leaving the house. Nuff said about that. 

Yesterday, (Monday, March 30th, 2015) my doctor wanted to visit w/me again, and have me drop off 24 hour urine analysis and have blood work done. My blood pressure was only recorded as 142/80, so that was better! And after visiting w/my doctor, he felt things were looking up... So did I. Except I always knew of the major possibility of preeclampsia sneaking back up on me. It has it's way of doing that, as we have seen before w/my previous pregnancy w/Jovi.

Side note: When I was pregnant w/Jovi, they thought I had preeclampsia in my 2nd trimester, so they had me do a 24 hour urine analysis at like 20-22 weeks. They didn't find anything. My blood pressure kept increasing though, little by little, and they had me do another 24 hour urine analysis right at 37 weeks, and that's when I received the phone call that I had preeclampsia and that we'd be induced that night.

At the close of my doctor's visit yesterday, Dr. Allen said that if things kept going the way they were (meaning my blood pressure staying in the range that it was recorded, as of late), then I'd be okay to carry baby #2 through 39 weeks and NOT be diagnosed w/preeclampsia. I was hopeful that'd be the case, and that nothing would show up in my urine analysis. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

BTW any doctor won't let you carry past 39 weeks, having have had a C-Section prior. They want to avoid uterine rupture, so that's why I say carry through 39 weeks :)

I received a very upsetting phone call this afternoon. Anything above 300 is considered to be preeclampsia. My levels were only at 315, but still- Over 300. I was told at last week's appointment, that a severe case of preeclampsia, would mean your levels are at 5,000 (so it's a bit extreme). Mine have yet to be that high, but I was reminded again today, over the phone, that a severe case of preeclampsia, can put you at having your baby as early as 33 weeks. If that were to happen, they would give steroid injection shots to help make baby's lungs stronger, to avoid less NICU time. Yeah- scary. And not fun. 

When my doctor told me that last week, I mildly freaked out (one) because Jake wasn't w/me to hear that news. My mom and sister were w/me instead. And (two) we are no where near ready. Now, there isn't AS much to do for this baby, as there was w/Jovi. She already has plenty of baby soaps, lotions, towels, clothes, etc. We just need to get Jovi's toddler converter car seat, and that's a bit of an expense that we're just not financially ready for right now. Once we purchase that, we'll be able to wash and get Jovi's infant car seat ready for Miss P to use, once she's finally here. We still need to purchase baby detergent & wash all the newborn clothes, blankets, etc. So there's a bit of a to-do list, and all can definitely be done in the next couple of weeks IF needed, but I still was not ready to hear that news alone w/o my spouse by my side. It was a lot to swallow, knowing I was just 2-3 weeks away from that, if I was diagnosed w/severe preeclampsia. 

Now, my doctor doesn't think my levels will ever reach that high (5,000) BUT he also didn't think anything would show up in my 24 hour urine analysis over the weekend, either, so this has me a little worried & thinking that this pregnancy can throw us for a loop at any time. Hello- read previous post about my ups & downs during the first trimester. 

Back to today's phone call: I was asked to be on bed rest until further instruction from my doctor. (He was off today, so I had another doctor reading my results.) I will meet w/my doctor again on Monday, and every week after that, as well as have an ultrasound done weekly, and NSTs twice a week. (Which is sucky, because during yesterday's appointment, my doctor was thinking I'd be okay to only see him every OTHER week, and have NSTs done every OTHER week, as well). 

Welcome to high risk pregnancy- I will see Dr. Allen every Monday (until delivery), have NSTs done every Tuesday & Wednesday, as well as an ultrasound. I'm excited to see our baby girl on TV every week, and to see/hear her sweet little movements on the NST charts, but I know all these expenses add up. It's so important to have all these tests done though. And I know it. After being on the phone w/the nurse for so long today (asking question after question), I realize my health and Miss P's health is at risk, if this is not done & monitored properly. When one has high blood pressure, it effects your kidneys. If my kidneys aren't functioning properly (or at all), then that effects me going to the bathroom and the amniotic fluid. It can also effect baby's kidneys and she can end up w/kidney failure upon birth. I also can end up w/kidney failure and that just aint good. If I don't get this whole blood pressure thing under control, it can have long term effects on my body later, and it'll all go back to previous pregnancies. Not that I (or anyone else) has any control of BP but it definitely has me worried and being on bed rest doesn't help. It just makes me sit here and think. A lot. 

The NSTs help Dr. Allen see baby's heart rate (a wide range), and it also helps track her movement. Because I'm 31.5 weeks, they realize there won't be a ton of movement from baby, but there should be a certain amount at this point in time, and that's what they're trying to track, as well as her heart rate. Her heart rate has always been in a good range (140s), and my doctor has never once been worried, but he just wants to monitor it closely, especially if/when my blood pressure rises. My BP has a lot of effect on baby. It makes me so nervous.

I'm also measuring about a week ahead, due to the amount of amniotic fluid I have. Doctor said it's normal to be about a week off schedule. If I start to measure closer to 3 weeks ahead, he'll look at a few different things, but for now, he doesn't count my measurement- He's still going off calendar date and basically ignoring the fact that I'm measuring about a week ahead. (Fun fact: At my 20 week ultrasound, I was measuring about 18 oz. of amniotic fluid, when normally you should be measuring about 11 oz. of amniotic fluid. I have almost double, so that makes me look and feel even further along than I actually am. Fun, right?!?!)

For now, I remain on bed rest until I meet w/my doctor on Monday. He will then decide to what extend I can/can't do things. I'm anxious this pregnancy and have now come to terms that it is preeclampsia (something I always thought would come back, regardless what I did to try to prevent it from returning). We now know for sure Miss P will be here as early as 37 weeks (mid May), and possibly sooner, depending on the severity of my preeclampsia. We'll be doing 24 hour urine analysis every week, to help determine my range of preeclampsia. 

Let's hope & pray it stays in the 315 range it's in :) 

Ups and Downs

This whole pregnancy has been full of ups and downs. I've realized (several times) that I've never fully blogged about baby #2 and that baby #2 will probably always be known as baby #2.
I was so good about taking belly pictures and posting bi-weekly updates on here, when I was pregnant w/Jovi (AKA Thumper). I don't know what happened w/this one. It doesn't mean I wasn't excited about baby #2. It's just different. It's not a first, so the unexpected isn't as scary. Also, we got pregnant w/baby #2 pretty quick, so a part of me felt like people would've been annoyed w/belly diaries? I dunno. Then again- I reminded myself this was mainly for me anyway, and that anyone who wanted to read my preggo eggo updates could, but that this was solely for MY journaling purposes. 
A lot of you may not know the whole story on baby #2. Allow me to rewind and back track a little.
Jovi was only 6 months old when the possibilities of conception existed. I thought to myself, "No way. No no no no no." Jake just kept saying "TWO!" and again I thought to myself "No no no no no." There was just no way. No possibility. My ovulation schedule was so crazy when trying to conceive w/Jovi. I thought for sure we'd need fertility help again. We waited and just kinda laughed it off. Jake would ask Jovi, "Jovi, do you want another baaaaaaaby in the family?" And Jovi would just look at Jake and smile. It was almost like she knew. Not to mention when I would change her on her changing table, she would pat my stomach- Something she had never done before. She definitely knew before we did.
Fast forward a little >>>>> 
Saturday, Septemeber 27th, 2014 Jake leaves for 2 week bus. trip.
Jovi and I drove him to the airport and said goodbye while he flew to South Carolina for work. This would be the first time Jake spent over-night away from Jovi, and this would be BY FAR the longest we'd ever been apart, since dating.
Monday, September 29th, 2014 Expected period no-showed
Tuesday, September 30th, 2014  Found out I was pregnant w/baby #2.
I called my good friend (Cari), and asked if she had any ovulation tests on hand. I knew she'd ask, and I didn't want her to know/suspect anything, so I asked for those, rather than just the pregnancy tests. I told her we were wanting to AVOID being pregnant, and that I needed ovulation tests to know when I was ovulation, so we knew when to avoid those dates. Plan worked perfect. Cari bought it & met up w/me to give me a huge bag of ovulation tests, and pregnancy tests. I knew I could take an ovulation test that day, to see if I was ovulating.  If I was ovulating, it would've meant we couldn't have pregnant & that we missed the window of opportunity. I was hopeful that was the case, since we were NOT planning a baby again this soon. I went home that afternoon, took an ovulation test, and it said I wasn't ovulating. Great. That would mean the chances were pretty high that I was ovulating earlier, when we thought we might've conceived. Soooooo I decided to take a pregnancy test. Why not. My monthly friend was already a tad late anyway, so what the heck. Sure enough, two little pink lines showed up, indicating positive pregnancy. Sooooo I called my doctor's office letting them know I was pregnant. Boy did I have concerns, as I had to be on a lot of hormonal medications w/Jovi, to maintain the pregnancy. 

Wednesday, October 1st, 2014 Visited Dr. Allen and was congratulated.
My OBGYN was very surprised to see me back so soon after just having Jovi. He congratulated me on not needing to be on hormonal medications in order to conceive this time. I was relieved myself, but still, very shocked. My Dr. (Dr. Allen) knew my HCG levels were really low w/Jovi, and that I was an at-risk pregnancy the first trimester, due to the high possibility of miscarrying (because of the low hormones), so he wanted to check my hormonal level w/this pregnancy, just to verify. Boy am I glad he did!
Thursday, October 2nd, 2014 Received vitals of low hormones.
Doctor Allen insisted I come into the office immediately for blood work and more HCG testing, to see exactly how much hormonal medication I'd need. While I had a hard time conceiving w/Jovi, this time I didn't have a hard time at all. I just had a hard time maintaining the pregnancy. My doctor was afraid that I'd be starting the hormonal medication too late and that I'd miscarry anyway, but that he wanted to at least try and was putting me on a very high dose of Progesterone to help boost my hormones. I started taking the Progesterone that night and was told to come back the following day for more blood work. Apparently you can see your hormones doubling that quick.
Friday, October 3rd, 2014 Received vitals of higher hormones.
Just not high enough. So this was a good thing that the medication was working, but that my doctor wanted my hormones to triple, instead of double. They'd be fine to just double, if I wasn't already pregnant, but since I was, he wanted to triple everything within 48 hrs. to make sure everything would be 100% okay w/this pregnancy, and to ensure that I wouldn't miscarry. Sooo… Not only did he up my MG but he increased my dosage as well. If I wasn't super sick before (from the Progesterone being forced into my body), I was definitely super sick now. I doubled up on my dosages, in hopes my body would do what it needed to do, over the weekend.
Monday, October 6th, 2014 Hormones tripled over the weekend.
This was my doctor's hope & plan, and it worked! I had never felt so sick and tired in my entire life, as I had over the weekend (all while chasing a rolling baby around the house, who was trying to begin the early stages of mobility). Need I remind you I'm completely alone this whole time, not telling ANYONE my ups & downs. I didn't want to tell Jake any of this. Not only because he was away and I felt this was a conversation to have in person, but because he was already home sick and having a hard time concentrating on work. I didn't want to distract him w/the possibility of worry. I just kept all this to myself, and boy was it hard to keep it inside. I was on a hormonal high and very very sick. I needed help, and needed to talk this all through w/someone, but couldn't. I had to wait until Jake got back. 
On a scale of 1-20, they like your hormones to be at least at a 20. Mine were at like a 6 when I first tested my HCG levels. They went up to 11 over night, and over the weekend (just 48 hours later), and were just over 20 when I was seen that Monday (the 6th). Everything was going as planned.
>>> I anxiously awaited the rest of the week to pass, while I still went in for blood work (to make sure everything was still okay w/my hormones).
Friday, October 10th, 2014 Jake comes home & finds out we're expecting.

I had Jovi wearing a onesie that said "Best Sister Ever." When Jake first got off the escelator, he didn't say anything. So I knew he didn't notice Jovi's shirt. I said, "Did you see Jovi's shirt?" He said, "Yeah, she looks cute!" I said, "No, did you read it?" He took one look at Jovi, one look at me (with huge bug eyes) and said, "Are you serious?!?" I told him it was no joke and then he started freaking out, saying how I needed to call my doctor and make sure everything was okay. Little did he know, I had been in touch w/my doctor this entire time, and I found out right at 4 weeks. He was shocked at my web of lies I had been spinning. I was shocked at my amazing secrecy! 
Monday, October 13th 2014 Saw and heard heartbeat on ultrasound. 
Officially confirmed 6 weeks 4 days pregnant and doing well w/hormonal drugs. YIPPEE! We called our families that night, and tricked them into face timing us because "Jovi was crawling." We called our families and just held up the ultrasound.

That's the end of the details, of the beginning of the pregnancy. We have a couple names picked out and feel really drawn to one, like we did w/Jovi, so we'll see what she is. We know this baby is coming for a reason, we just don't know what that reason is quite yet. 
We've always said we wanted 2-3 kids, so depending on how this pregnancy goes, that'll depend on how many kids we have. I hate that it depends on my health, and my doctor, rather than just a decision between Jake and myself, but hey- Those were the cards I was dealt with I guess.
We're very excited to meet this new baby girl. We found out 
Thursday, December 18th, 2014 that I was wrong (yet again), and that baby #2 would be another spoiled little princess. We couldn't be happier to have these two girls so close together in age. They'll end up being exactly 14 months apart! 
We can't wait to meet you Miss P!


Jovi's 1st B--Day Party

Yesterday, we celebrated Jovi's first birthday, since she turned one on Friday (03/13).
I've been planning this day since I found out I was having a little princess.
I've always envisioned a foo-foo pink party theme.
Jovi became a very busy, inquisitive little person when she was just under 6 months old. 
I knew I had to do a busy bee theme. I started planning right away.
Anything that was pink, black and or yellow, I threw in the party. 
There were so many things that caught my eye at so many stores.
It was hard to put a halt to things. I think I have a problem.
I had things on my list I wanted to do, that ended up getting cut.
So yeah, there was more :) 
And there were things I got, that didn't end up getting done in time, but no one will know besides me I guess...
Anyway, we decided to do an afternoon party (since she takes a long morning nap).
And we I decided to do a bunch of sweets, since she's our "sweet busy bee."
There were so many treats that went w/the pink, black and yellow theme.
We had oreo pops, strawberry cake balls dipped in vanilla frosting, lemon bars, rice krispy treats, and vanilla cupcakes w/lemon frosting.
I couldn't just do one size cupcakes. The minis were too cute and the big ones are so fun to pipe!
So, I did both sizes, and it was so fun!
We also had lemonade & strawberry lemonade in mason jars w/pink and yellow striped straws.
I'm tellin ya- I had so much fun picking out stuff. It was hard to just stop!

Our little busy bee had quite the guest list show up. Don't even get me started on the presents. 
She's so spoiled & so loved. Thank you to everyone who came &  helped.
PS my dad AND grandma both came up, as a surprise.
Everyone knew about my dad coming, but no one knew about Gigi.
She sure got us all, and boy were we excited & happy to see her!


Jovi's 12 month pictures & cake smash

We had Jovi's 12 month pictures done @ Camera Shy in Lehi
(the same studio who took our maternity pictures)
I thought it'd be fun to take the photos myself, like I've always done w/her
Except for the fact that I'm 28 weeks pregnant & huge.
Also, I really wanted to enjoy her eating cake for the first time & didn't want to have to "work" or be stressed for that perfect picture.
So, I decided to just hire someone to do it for me. And boy am I glad I did.
It was so nice to just have Jake and I watch our baby girl running around, playing.
She bonded w/the photographer right away, and had no stranger danger.
Should I have been worried?
She was so sweet (in these first two photos, and always), running towards Jake. 
Jake got on the floor by the camera, and she just took off running towards him.
It was so cute & reminded me just how much it melts my heart seeing the two of them together.
They really do have a special daddy/daughter bond and I love how excited she gets to see him.

The studio had bunnies out, for their Easter mini sessions.
The photographer asked if we'd be interested in some photos w/them and I thought sure why not.
So so so glad I did.
This girl is such an animal lover & went to them right away.
We got the sweetest facial expressions out of her & she was so happy.
I guess it shouldn't really surprise me, as Jake loves animals, and she went to my mom's dog right away, upon first meeting.
I guess it just kinda concerns me that she's not the least bit hesitant to try new things.
It's a good thing and a bad thing. I'd rather have her be curious than timid though.

When the bunnies first came out, Jovi was in a wooden crate and the bunnies were on the floor.
Jovi was so confused & you could tell her wheels were turning. She wanted to get to them!
The photographer eventually took Jovi out of the crate & let one bunny roam around.
It was crawling on Jovi's leg & Jovi was so excited! Hahaha She was squealing!
She really enjoyed her birthday cake & we had a blast watching her figure it out.
I love watching this girl get excited over the little things in life.
We had 60 pictures total, and ALL of them are uh-mazing, but I won't upload all 60 to this post.
I'll just post a few (15ish?)

I wish so many things for her, as she conquers this new year in life. I wish so many things in general; Especially when I think about the upcoming years w/challenges and trials she'll have to overcome.
I've always wondered and hoped that she would just know how much Jake and I love and adore her. No matter what she does, says, looks like, smells like :) or wears. She is our baby and I love her more than words describe. I can't find words for it. Ever.
We are constantly trying to think of ways we can better any situation for her; Wether it be her fussing when we first lay her down at night (only for a few minutes, but still- We are saddened when we see her sad), or wether we think of upcoming activities we can do w/her. She is always at our best interest, and we want more than anything for her to have the best life she deserves. 
A favorite country group of mine, said it best when they first wrote this song, "My Wish." This is what I wish for you, baby girl. You will always be my baby and I will always love you forever- To infinity (or eternity) and beyond.

I hope the days come easy and the moments pass slow
And each road leads you where you want to go
And if you’re faced with the choice and you have to choose
I hope you choose the one that means the most to you
And if one door opens to another door closed
I hope you keep on walkin’ ‘til you find the window
If it’s cold outside, show the world the warmth of your smile
But more than anything, more than anything

My wish for you
Is that this life becomes all that you want it to
Your dreams stay big, your worries stay small
You never need to carry more than you can hold
And while you’re out there gettin’ where you’re gettin’ to
I hope you know somebody loves you
And wants the same things too
Yeah, this is my wish

I hope you never look back but you never forget
All the ones who love you
And the place you left
I hope you always forgive and you never regret
And you help somebody every chance you get
Oh, you find God’s grace in every mistake
And always give more than you take
But more than anything, yeah more than anything

This is my wish
I hope you know somebody loves you
May all your dreams stay big

Eleven month stats

Jovi is eleven months old!

AH! These are the last days I'll have with my "baby" and then she's a toddler! Such a bitter sweet time for me. I know this post is waaaaaay late (better late than never, right?!), but our sweet little honey turned 11 months on Friday (02/13). Almost a whole 30 days ago... Again. (Yes, I'm notorious for posting late, lately, and have been known for posting 30 days late before). 
Here's what our busy girl has been up to:

- She drinks out of a sippy cup. It has handles on the sides and doesn't allow liquid to dump out, when being dunked upside down, so the only way liquid can come out, is when she sucks on it. It's really nice & she's adjusting real well to it.
- Eats mostly everything we eat & is not picky AT ALL.
- Is starting to wean off formula & baby food, the closer she gets to 12 months.
- Does the actions to "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" and "The Rabbit Song." When it comes time to sing the part "Up came the sun," she puts her hands above her head, weather we're doing the actions w/her or not. And when we sing the other song, she waves her hands like a bunny rabbit hopping, and squeals when it comes time to sing "Help me! Help me! Help me! He said." It really is the sweetest thing to watch; Especially when she does it w/my mom. They sing these songs (and a few others) daily.
- Claps not only when we say "YAY," but when we also say "Good girl," now. She's very good at self praise and I love it!
- Has more curls on the top of her head, than last time. Seriously, her hair gets more & more curly every time. Looks like she WILL look like me after all :)
- Doesn't go to sleep SUPER well for dad, and I think it's because when dad's home, she thinks it's play time. Jake's real good about giving her his undivided attention when he's home, but Jovi seems to think that he can't do ANYTHING else when he's home, and that all eyes need to be on her, if he's at the house. That means, no cleaning, cooking, etc. He is all hers! Bah. Makes it difficult when  mom's at enrichment meetings for her calling, and can't always be home at night to put her to sleep. Most nights mom is home, and CAN put her to sleep, so it works well. It's just funny (kind of) that she'll lay right down for me & go to sleep within 5-10 minutes, but she'll give Jake a harder time. Now- He HAS gotten better about not going in her room every time she gets up/wines, so I think that had something to do w/it for awhile, but still even w/that, she still lays down for momma best. 
- Is full on running and walking EVERYWHERE now. She really only crawls when her & dada are on the floor playing together, but for the most part, she's up & running and is FAST.
- Has two soft books in her crib, and will sit up and read them before she wears herself out for a nap. It's also convenient for when she first wakes up as well. She can self entertain & be content until one of us is able to go get her in the morning. 
- She's pretty content w/us feeding her from a bowl and spoon, but is often curious and likes to try to get what's ON the spoon. Makes for messy meals, but I like how curious she is. 
- Can hear a door opening from down the hallway. She's OBSESSED w/the pantry door, and any bedroom door (because we keep them all closed during the day), so when she hears one of us opening either door (s) she'll come running (and sneaks up on us) w/o us knowing! Seriously guys, she'll be right behind us, as one of us is backing out of the pantry & we run over her all the time (non intentional, of course). She's just quick & always right there, wanting to know what's in the mysterious, magical pantry. She'll usually grab the spices that are right there in the bottom row. She likes to shake them like a rattle. If you think about it, they do sound like noise makers, and most of them are still sealed, but I don't ever want to chance it. I'd hate for her to get something in her eyes & have it burn or something. We just like to play it safe.
- And refuses to wear any bow/headband anymore. She may keep it on for a little while, but that's it. She'll find a way to snap it off :(