Seven month stats

Jovi is seven months old!

She turned seven months old exactly a week ago today, so last Monday (10/13). I'm such a failure, slacker, bad mom, for not posting on time. UGH! Get with it!
Here's what our little lady has been up to:

- She sits up now, completely on her own.
- Loves to FaceTime (mainly so she can see herself, but really she just thinks she's seeing another baby & doesn't QUITE realize it's her yet).
- Is teething like cuh-razy, trying to get those top suckers to come in. Poor baby. Drooly, slobbery mess. 
- Has discovered how to pull the blanket over her head & hide. I'm not sure if she thinks she's invisible (kinda like the whole "I can't see you, so you can't see me" type deal), but she really gets enjoyment out of it & has been doing it for awhile. She's so calm when she's in her own little place, and I love watching her do it.
- Has realized her love for the tile by the front door entry way. She will roll over there as fast as she can, and will just kick and play. You'd think bonking her head, or slamming her feet on the tile would hurt. Nope, not our baby. She's got a tough (and big) head, and I'm convinced those heels of hers are made of steel.
- Thinks it's funny to try & escape when I turn around for 2.5 seconds (while on the changing table).
- Likes to put her big toe in her mouth & it's the cutest and grossest thing all at the same time. 
- Likes to pat and touch Papa Bear's face ALL the time now. I think she likes the feel of his whiskers, but only with her hands. The whiskers aren't so forgiving on her tummy.
- Has gotten all her bottle feedings to just 5 ounces every time.
- Eats baby food once to twice a day. We've only had her on one (squash) for the last week now. We want her to finish all those containers, before we move to another flavor, which will be sweet potatoes. Yum! Those will be tasty for her; Although, she does quite well w/the squash. She didn't at first, but she's gotten the hang of it now (and no, we don't mix it w/anything).
- While eating her baby food, it has to be warm. At first, we were thinking it was a texture thing (I'm super texture sensitive, so we thought she inherited that horrible trait from me), but no- She's just spoiled and used to having really warm bottles, so that's how she likes ALL her food to be. A little gross if you ask me, but oh well- The kid's happy and she eats it all. I see no harm in it.
- She now drinks apple juice once a day. It's 100% apple juice w/just natural sugars in it. We still dilute it w/water, but she does quite well w/it and all this fiber is so good for her.
- Still eats rice cereal at night, before bed time. She now knows it's part of her routine and gets really excited. It's so cute.
- She's recently changed the way she smiles. She sticks her tongue out and kinda scrunches her nose. It's so adorable and I just love seeing her do it. 
- Speaking of smile… She's such a happy baby and loves to laugh. She really will smile and giggle at anyone, as long as they're paying attention to her. It's real easy to get her to smile and or laugh. 
- She has a best friend! I don't know if I'd get them BFF bracelets QUITE yet, but she sure does love our neighbor. They live two doors to the east of us, and have a baby girl who is EXACTLY two months younger than Jovi. Her name is Hayden, and we love play dates & walks w/her. Jovi loves to touch Baby Hayden and giggles at her constantly. We're working on her manners.
- Tries to catch her baby mobile hanging from her swing. You can't really pull it down, but boy oh boy does she try! It's so cute to see her interact and play w/it, and other things too.
- She knows how to pull her pacifier out of her mouth, and can also put it back in. She likes to hold the string and pull it in & out of her mouth, just lightly sucking on it. I don't know if she thinks it's a game, or if she's just proud of herself for being able to do it, but it cracks me up.
- She is super talented and can suck on her thumb AND pacifier at the same time.
- Sometimes she'll gag herself because she'll stick her thumb so far into her mouth. I'm not such a fan of that.
- She tries to grab her little toy butterfly that hangs from her carseat. She's SO determined to get it in her mouth (and sometimes she can). I'll go to get her out of the car, and it'll just be soaking wet. Disgusting.
- Which leads me to my next point… She smiles SO big when you open her side of the car door. She knows someone is coming to get her out of the car. Though she loves car rides, and does super good in her car seat, she's always just super excited to see someone there for her. And hey, let's face it- She knows she's getting kisses. This girl LOVES kisses.
- If you put your lips together and make a lip smacking noise, she thinks you're layin one on her and will open her mouth for a kiss. She giggles and smiles at the very thought.
- She talks constantly and stares intensely at us, while in the kitchen.
- And weighs 17.3 pounds (67th percentile), is 26.25 inches long (57th percentile), and has a head that is in the 91st percentile (44.5 cm). Her doctor says she's doing great and that we should keep doing what we're doing.