Valentine's Day

Jake and I spent our fifth Valentine's Day together. Ah!
I know this was our first married one. But still
We kinda decided to go all out. Just kinda

We went out to eat on Valentine's Day
Then we went to the theatre to watch The Vow
we celebrated the rest that weekend

He game me flowers on Monday 02/13
they would die if he waited until later
and (yes) he always picks out his own arrangement

I made these little Valentine's for my co-workers

Jake made a Valentine for me!!!! SO CREATIVE
cute thing is= he really does call me sweetheart

I got a lot of treats from him
This is why I've gained weight. I swear 

We stay
ed the night in a Hilton hotel in SLC
it was soooo nice
it was two stories and beautiful

Our room had a huge hot tub. Be jealous

Jake felt pretty cool. It was kinda nice to be spoiled
For one night. And one night only

When we checked in, they gave us free stuff!

Oh it was such a nice first (married) Valentine's Day together). We weren't able to do all this stuff ON the actually V-Day but we waited until the weekend of the 17th and had so much fun! We also went up to Park City (on Saturday the 18th) to pick up my new bindings for my snowboard and we  had Cheesecake Factory on Saturday as well. I can't post pictures of our dessert at Cheesecake- my mouth will water. We also went to a friend's wedding reception the night before. It's always fun to go to weddings (I think) 'cuz I'm reminded of what it was like for me/us on our big day. What a great way to celebrate our weekend full of love, or so I thought. 


crash BANG boom

As many of you know = Bubbles is gone
my first car
(besides what I drove in high school)
wasn't too happy about it and was real shooken up
but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise

here's how it happened
I was leaving Hobby Lobby with my friend Katie
she's my current partner in crime
We were sitting at a stop light. Facing south. Just chillin
Then all of a sudden, a truck slides into me. Ouch!
I actually saw it coming though. Katie did too
I didn't actually think it would happen though. But it did
It was one of those things where you have high hopes. Yeah. No
The truck was coming down University Pkwy.
So he slid onto my street (Stop light by Hobby Lobby)
So he was originally driving west on the Pkwy. 
Then he turned where I was sitting and crash BANG boom

The insurance companies were a PAIN to deal with. Still are
they marked my car as totaled
I wasn't too happy about that/car payments again
but it literally worked out for the best

We upgraded! Pimp my ride!
we decided to get a family car (for future kidlets)ha
So we got an SUV
She's a 2004 Acura with no name. Oops
Definitely a beauty though. Heated seats. My fave
There's cruise control, a back windshield whipper and sun roof
She gets pretty good gas mileage. And she's a seven seater
hoping to have more memories with the new addition to our fam
We'll be driving this beauty to CA in May

no, we didn't need a big vehicle right now
but, we decided, that if we were putting money into a car
we'd wanna keep it for awhile
no more little four dour, donut tire cars
no more $35 to fill up the gas tank
no more 35-40 miles/gal. in the city/fwy.
We realize we're losing a lot. But I think we're gaining more