Jake's Birthday

We celebrated Jake's birthday last Wednesday 06.20
it was such a special day
It was his first married birthday
and it was also our engagement-versary

Jake wanted to go fishing w/his best friend Kyle 
even though we've been fishing every weekend, for the last three weekends :)
and I knew he wanted to be outta here  by 6am so I had to wake up early to prep

I was up pretty late the night before, finishing this banner

Photo taken on my iPhone

I left work a couple hours early, to spend some time with my hubster
We went up to the Living Aquarium in Sandy
we basically wanted to reinact what happened 365 days ago
For those of you who don't know what happened a year ago- We got engaged
but it's kinda funny how it happened
Long story short- I left work early last year, for Jake's birthday
just like I did this year
and I get a phone call from Jake's sister, saying she's out of class early
She wanted to hang out w/her big brother on his birthday. Of course
So, without even hesitating, I tell her THE MORE THE MERRIER :)
well Jake wasn't very fond of that
Little did I know, he was trying to propose, and I just invited his sister
What can I say? His sister and I were good friends
Well... This year... Jake's brother was in town
so his birthday wouldn't have been a birthday w/o a sibling 

Photo taken on my iPhone

Photo taken on my iPhone

Well... Here we are 365 days later at the (same) Living Planet Aquarium

Photo taken on iPhone

After the aquarium (which Jake loved more than the kids I think) we had sushi
We had sushi last year, as well, so this was perfect
We (then) dropped Jake's brother (Bryan) off at the airport and headed back home

We went to our special park, where we got engaged in Orem

Photo taken on my iPhone

And here's our bench where Jake got down on one knee

Photo taken on my iPhone

Just like last year- I think it's safe to say that Jake had a good birthday. I mean- He got engaged on his birthday. Who wouldn't be happy?!?! Oh- and the reason why he says he proposed on his birthday, is because he says (and I quote) "I share everything with you. Why wouldn't I just share my birthday with you too?" touché

Not only was this our engagement-versary, so it was a special birthday, but Jake also got to go fishing with his best friend, who he hasn't been able to spend much time with lately, so that was nice. Jake's brother/twin was also here. He was here last year, the weekend before his birthday, but this year he was here on his birthday, so that was really special. Bryan (Jake's brother) got Jake some much needed new Five Fingers (shoes) and this really cool handkerchief thing, that they saw at REI the other day. Jake used it on his fishing trip & wore his Five Fingers that day, as well. He loves his new shoes! Thanx Bry! I got Jake a new xbox game, that he's been wanting for awhile. He also lost his microphone for his xbox, so I got him that as well, so he can play with his buddies now. Why do I support this? Kyle got him another year's subscription (for xbox live), so that'll come in handy, when it runs out. Besides all that and birthday cash- The kid was spoiled. 

I can't wait to go back to our special place next year, and to celebrate another wonderful year w/a wonderful person! Here's to many more years for ya Jake :) I love you hubby and I hope I made your day special 'cuz you are very special to me. 


You and me go fishin... Not in the dark

Jake and I went fishing last weekend for his birthday
It was my first official time fishing. The other times didn't count
Let's be honest. Casting doesn't count
I have my fishing license now so I feel official

Jake took me to his good luck spot. I was super excited to see it
He and his/our good friend (Jon) used to go here often & catch a lot of fish
so I was super excited, as this was my first real time

We left around 9am Saturday (o6.16) and boy was that early
we normally try to sleep in a little bit longer on the weekends

So we head up the canyon for our fishing adventure
we got up to our turn out & noticed a lot of runners
Great. The Ragnar race was going on
so that slowed us down to about 25 MPH
No big deal. We just kept on truckin along
Well... Then we saw a bunch of bikers and police cars following them
Great. There was a bike race goin on
You can only bike so fast going up hill. So we slowed down again
This time to only about 5 MPH though

We didn't get to Lilly Lake until after 12pm
what was supposed to have been an hour 1/2 drive, was a three hour drive 

Photo taken on my iPhone

Jake caught a fish right away. Of course

I wasn't catching anything, so we decided to leave. We tried river fishing
Jake had a fly fishing pole, so he wanted to use it elsewhere. 
This was his first time fly fishing. We were both on uncharted waters here
Fly fishing= Epic fail
I got even more frustrated fishing in a river. It's just different
I was barely getting the hang of casting in a lake, and casting in a river= so diff.

So we left Lilly Lake and drove down the road to the Provo Falls

I've had this goal (for awhile) to capture a picture of a butterfly. Done :) 

Photo taken on my iPhone

After river fishing being an epic fail, we decided to go home. Fail again
there was an accident in the canyon & they had to life flight someone
so there was a lot of traffic & we didn't want to sit & wait in it
We left the river and Provo Falls and decided to go back to Lilly Lake
where we originally started

Guess what?!?! I finally caught a fish! My very first fish!
Jake was a proud papa bear. We were both so excited!!!!
Confession: Jake did the casting. I just stood there and caught it
So, in my opinion, I don't really think I can take full credit
but Jake said it counts :)

Photo taken on my iPhone

Over all, it was a beautifully nice day and I learned some things. Jake and I had a very nice time spending the whole day together. It's always nice (too) when you don't have any cell service :)Lilly Lake, I'm glad you did me proud. I can't wait to go back!.... Until next time :)



I promise I'm trying to be a better blogger

So a couple weekends ago, my sisters came down from Idaho
We met them up in Salt Lake for dinner & shopping at City Creek on Friday 06.09
Jake wasn't too much of a fan of that. Oh well :)

Saturday morning, we had lunch and took Kelsey and Courtney offloading. It was their first time
For some reason, I'm a lot better at photographing animals/activities, than I am people

We headed up Hobble Creek canyon. One of our favorite places
Our goal= To find the route to Strawberry Reservoir 

Jake's tried finding this route numerous times. I've only been with him three of those
but we finally made it :)
It was beautiful! Pictures don't do justice. They never do

As always, more photos on Facebook. We can't wait to take the girls again! We hope we can! It was so much fun! We accomplished a huge mission, enjoyed some beautiful scenery, and enjoyed a new adventure/route. The weather was a little poopy. It was fine during the day, but let's just say= We're glad we dresses in jeans and hoodies :)
My sisters left Sunday afternoon, after we danced on our xbox Kinnect. I wasn't too happy about them leaving, but we've already started planning our next weekend trip to hang out :) can't wait


The Black Lung

As many of you know, I got super sick two weeks ago
Bryan left on Sunday and BAM it hit me
I wasn't sure if it was because we were outside all day on Saturday...
so I ignored it of course
When is that ever a good idea? Yeah no

So I wake up Monday morning and had a sore throat
a very bad sore throat
 I called in sick for work

As Monday goes on, I feel congested. What?!?!

Tuesday morning I wake up and cannot breathe. I call in sick again
Two days in a row= must get a doctor's note. So I do
I go to the doctor on Tuesday and what do ya know? It's just a cold
There's no cure for the common cold. I wasted a co-pay

Tuesday night comes around. I'm coughing so much
Jake looks at my throat. Bright red and blisters
my doctor did say my cold could take a crazy turn & turn into strep
We had to watch it carefully. Very carefully

Wednesday comes around. Oh Wednesday
I could not breathe for the life of me. I tried to go to work
Yeah... That lasted for one hour.
I tried sticking everything I possibly could, up my nose

I tried Vicks steam inhaler. Fail
I tried Vicks VapoRub on my chest. Fail
I tried Vicks VapoRub right underneath my nose. Fail
I tried a vapor inhaler. Fail
I tried Zicam (which normally works). Fail
I took Dayquil, Nyquil, etc. Fail
I tried Breathe Right strips (which also normally work). Fail
I tried allergy pills. I tried everything

The one thing that did work. A priesthood blessing
Jake came home from work on Wednesday & he brought his co-worker Steve
who is also a good friend of ours
I was so excited for Jake to come home from work that night. I needed this!

This Afrin worked, and my blessing from Jake and Steve
Thursday, I just finished resting & washed everything!
Friday I was back at work. I only took off another week
Yeah. After I just got back from California 

Currant Creek

We get back from California on Monday and Bryan comes to Utah on Thursday
He's moving out here for school, in the fall, so  he came to Utah to look for jobs
Jake was pretty excited. His twin was coming!
I felt stressed to clean, unpack, and organize again. It was well worth it though
You're lucky we love you Bryan ;)

So Jake picks up Bryan from the airport on Thursday
 I stayed at work to catch up
I was sooooo behind, after taking a week (or so) off work. AH!
Jake and I shared a car, while Bryan took Jake's Jeep around on Friday
and then the weekend came

We went fishing on Saturday to Currant Creek Reserver 
I haven't been since I was like four
Okay so I didn't really fish. Jake just showed me how to cast

Jake and Bryan are so much alike. They're literally like twins
They dress a lot a like. They talk a lot alike. They even have the same shoes

Jake showed me how to cast. It was fun. I think I can like this fishing game


California!!!! (bound)

On Friday (05.18) Jake and I left for California
we were so excited for a much needed break
We hit some crazy weather in southern Utah

Photo taken on my iPhone

but it got better as we drove further south

Photo taken on my iPhone

We stopped in Vegas (as usual) to see our friends Jon & Ashlee
we had a nice dinner w/them then continued on our road trip

Photo taken on my iPhone

We stopped in Apple valley, CA (my g-parent's house) Friday night
We spent Saturday (05.19) my birthday with them
and my Aunt Vickie and Uncle Wayne
We had a nice birthday lunch w/them then left for Anaheim
We met my best friend (Kellie) by our hotel for dinner
We had a delicious dinner at the Cheesecake factory

Photo taken on my iPhone

Sunday (05.20) we went do Disneyland and California Adventure
We had two day park hopper passes. So that was nice
if we ever got sick of one park, we'd just leave, go to the other
We were able to get Southern California discounted tickets through our hotel
sooooo nice

Jake originally wanted to propose in front of the castle. So this was special

We had lunch at our favorite restaurant in Disneyland
The Blue Bayou 
We love New Orleans. Some of our favorite rides are on that side of the park

We were able to see "The Wonderful World of Color" Sunday night as well
it was so beautiful
Last time I was at California Adventure (three years ago), they were finishing it
so I was really excited to see it

this is California Adventure at sunset

Photo taken on my iPhone

Jake had never been to California Adventure
so I enjoyed being his tour guide
I think he liked the ride Screamin California
can ya tell by his photo?

Photo taken on my iPhone

We drove to my parent's house Monday night after the park (s)

we went to Hurst Castle the next day Tuesday (05.22) with mah rents
The coast was beautiful. The weather was beautiful. I was in love

chillin with shorty at the pool at the castle

We had dinner at Moro Bay at one of Jake's favorite sea food restaurants
We had a window view during our dinner. Gorgeous

Wednesday (05.23) we just kinda hung around Bakersfield
I had some errands to run, so I went with my mom
Jake tagged along too. Poor guy
I loved being greeted by Roxy every time I walked in the door
I miss that little puppers. So much

Photo taken on my iPhone

Photo taken on my iPhone

Thursday (05.24) Jake and I headed up to Kernville
his parent's have a house up there
it was nice to have some alone time while we waited for his fam
They arrived on Friday (05.25) and we went to MacNally's while we waited for them

Photo taken on my iPhone

Found this in Kernville while antique shopping with Jake's sister Saturday (05.26)
I can't wait to put this in our future baby's room. For now= pictures of us

Photo taken on my iPhone

Sunday (05.27) we drove to Glendora
Jake met my dad's side of the family. Finally
We had a high school graduation party for my cousin, Tim
it was nice just hangin by the pool talking with everyone
After the graduation party, we drove to Vegas to stay the night with J & A
We love The Baird's. Thank you for your hospitality

On Monday (Memorial Day 05.28) we went to Valley of Fire
It was warm. Totally worth it though

The warm weather didn't stop Jake from playing
he climbed away

I've always wanted a picture like this. I dunno why :)

Jon's goal was to catch one of these. Obviously he accomplished his goal
of course he set him free too

On our way back home, I was actually really excited our trip was done. I know that may sound silly, but after all that driving & all that time of being in a car= I was ready to be back at our own home, just the two of us. I was (also) really excited to not be living out of a suitcase anymore! I was ready to head back to work and get back in the swing of things again. Don't get me wrong= it was nice to have time out of Utah, and away form work. Breaks are always nice and it's always great to take a vacation with Jake. I was just ready to be back. We've decided we need two trips a year (or every six months). Our anniversary is coming up (well- in October), and we've already started planning that trip! Maybe not quite as long. Ten days might be a tad bit too much, but we have anxiously started planning, none the less. It's always nice seeing family in California, and spending time w/friends. Maybe... Just maybe... We'll be back for the Holidays. See ya whenever, California.