Four month stats (P)

Presley is four months old!

Miss P turned four months old yesterday (Tuesday, 09/15). Here's her latest & greatest:

- She coos and laughs. Just a little bit, but it's the sweetest little noise.
- Has rolls on her thighs (but what's new), and is getting wrist rolls!
- Loves to suck on her hands, and anyone else's for that manner.
- Wants to roll over; Especially while on the floor, watching TV
- Enjoys the Mamaroo swing & kicks and kicks her feet. She really gets going if you move the swing right in front of the TV (this girl is a future couch potato).
- Has some stellar burps!
- Isn't too fond of the Bumbo. I imagine it has something to do w/the reflux? Too much pressure on the tummy maybe?
- Really likes bath time. Maybe it has something to do w/the fact that we put her in the ACTUAL bath tub now, and not her infant bath anymore.
- She really likes kisses. And I mean a lot. Like, doesn't mind at all.
- Has to be snuggled before going to bed for the night. Day time naps are okay, but I guess the evening time is just too long for her to be away from me. And I'm okay w/that.
- Loves snuggles. Still.
- Can usually fall asleep on her own (during day time naps), but pulls the blanket up over her face.
- Is more interactive w/Jovi now.
- Holds onto rattles and toys.
- Loves when people come over to her & pay attention to her sweet little face. Seriously, she gets so giddy & the biggest smile on her face & squeals.
- Eats 6 ounces every 2 1/2-3 hrs. but could probably drink a little more and be okay w/it.
- And she weighs 14 pounds 3.5 ounces (44th percentile), is 25 inches long (64th percentile), and has a head that is in the 60th percentile (41.2 cm). Doctor said she's super strong & holds her head up well, and is growing progressively, just as she should be. 


Utah State Fair

Last night we took the girls to the Utah State Fair in Salt Lake City.
I had so much fun! Probably more fun than Jovi!
It was so neat watching how excited she got over EVERYTHING. And I mean EVERYTHING.
She loved the animals, music, lights, and people.
Presley was real calm in the stroller, the majority of the time.
She probably thought the lights were mesmerizing & was on scensory overload.
Either way, we enjoyed fair food & walking around.
Most of these pictures are from looking at the animals (rabbits, goats, sheep/lambs, chickens, turkeys, roosters, and cows).
The cows were Jovi's favorite. She loved them & was moo-ing the whole time.
We also took her on the carousel & she was ooh-ing and awe-ing the whole time then too!


The other day, I took the girls on a walk w/our neighbor (Hayden & Deanna).
Hayden and Jovi are BFFs and always have play dates together.
They were both so excited for a walk AND to see the horses.
These horses are always out in the field (s) by our house.
Deanna brought carrots, to feed the horses, and Jovi loved it!
Presley just slept in the stroller the majority of the time, but Jovi and Hayden got to touch the horses.
Jovi was excited (from far away), but when the horses car running  up to the fence, she changed her mind.

Here are a few favorite shots: