Viva Las Vegas

Last weekend we went to Vegas
We visited Jon and Ashlee

Ashlee did our flowers for our wedding
Jon used to live with Jake
Jake got John and Ashlee together 
They got married a month before us (Sept. 29th)
and the four of us just became good friends
that's enough 4-1-1 there

We had so much fun! Not much sleep buuuut... It's Vegas

Jon and Ashlee were great tour guides
they showed us all the cool secrets
we went to this new hotel/casino
they had a giant chocolate fountain
I was in love. Here are some cool facts about it

super cool (random) waterfall
Vegas is all about the cool looks and effects. All show

The Bellagio 
this is straight out of my camera
no editing
I just changed the coloring. That's all 

Ashlee and I rode the New York New York
my favorite
It's definitely a must when I'm in Vegas
the boys stayed off and held our bags
Ashlee and I also did some shopping at H&M
another favorite
The H&M in Vegas is THREE stories high. That's right. Three

We also went to the Cheesecake Factory at Caesar's Palace
We walked around Fremont on Saturday. It was better than the strip
what a difference and way less dirty

um I'm definitely not pregnant in this picture
just a bad angle I guess
or it was windy and my shirt puffed up

We had so much fun visiting The Baird's 
and can't wait to go back
Living in North Las Vegas is nice. We like their pad

Don't worry Vegas. We did and we will


Babysitting? for 15 minutes

Two weekends ago, Jake and I babysat
We met my cousin (Kristin) and her two monsters (M & B) in Murray
they were so funny
we took them to a park
B had this Barbie in her hand the whole time. No joke
she (literally) would not put it down
She was also a little hesitant to try most things. Not M though

taken on my iPhone 

these two sisters are evidently more than just sisters
they're friends
M would translate for B whenever we couldn't understand her
and she would say things like "Her says ------ " etc. It was funny
I know their little noses look red and cold. It was chilly outside
but that didn't stop them from playing on the playground (s)

taken on my iPhone 
My cousin (Kristin) met up w/us at the park and then we had lunch
We met at Crown Burger. So good. Highly recommend it
Here is a vide of B talking. She's a doll

taken on my iPhone 

M was such a little flirt. She kept smiling at Jake
She was telling her mom how she wanted to marry Jake hahaha
She kept asking Jake "what are YOU doing?" 
These two girls are very fond of the Wizard of Oz
they kept quoting it and talking about the witch
I wish they lived closer. Logan is too far
miss and love ya