Two month stats (P)

Presley is two months old!

Boy am I getting a lot of blogging done today! It's been much needed, as I have a LOT of catching up to do. P turned 2 months on 07/15 so not toooooo long ago.

Here's her latest and greatest:

- Still loves to be swaddled in her velcro swaddle blanket & held upper tight.
- Is getting better at bath time, and is super calm.
- Smiles & notices voices.
- Loves to lay down on the changing table (in our bedroom) by the door. Between the perfectly cradled space, and natural light from our window, she can be found happiest in this place & will smile like none other.
- Experienced first blow out (when we had company over, of course). 
- Enjoys sticking out her tongue like a little lizard, and pulls it in super fast. It's more like a puppy dog actually.
- Started coo-ing and it's pretty much the cutest thing I have EVER heard.
- Will settle down around 10pm and lay down in her bassinet the rest of the time.
- Sleeps longer throughout the night & doesn't usually wake up now until about 2am.
- Her eyes are turning blue and have a little bit of green around them.
- Is now smiling at specific people, and not just any random noises.
- Her hands don't smell as bad! Hahahaha I know this may sound silly, but her hands WREAKED before. Like, all the time.
- Drinks anywhere from 3-4 ounces every 3 hours. It's usually 4 ounces though.
- Snorts every. single. time she cries, and sighs every. single. time she's done crying. It's the best and she's been doing it since birth.
- We call her Miss P (for Miss Piggy, since she snorts), Turtle (since she looks like one, from her big eyes), and Sweet P.
- And she weighs 10 pounds 1.5 ounce (14th percentile), is 23 inches long (65th percentile), and has a head that is in the 33rd percentile (38 cm).

Rompers & Headbands

Let me just start off by saying our neighborhood is filled with talented people.
I love the community we live in, and have never felt so "a part" of something.
Having that been said, this wonderfully talented lady (Mandy) made these ADORABLE headbands & needed models.
She asked if I'd be up for bringing Presley one day. Of course!
She asked me to bring Jovi, as well, just in case she wanted to dress her up too.
(This wasn't the first time Mandy asked Jovi to model)
They both got photographed & did great! I love every picture!!!!

Here are a few of our faves:
(Visit SallyAnnaSunshine.com to shop)

One month stats (P)

Presley is one month old!

Presley obviously turned a month old awhile ago (06/15), but I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. Things are a little hectic around here (apparently)…Hence the late post. Jake and I both kept saying how fast the first month came & went. Heck, she wasn't even w/us for a fourth of the time. Poor babe spent the first 8 days of her life in the NICU but we are so blessed to have a happy, healthy baby now.

Here's what she's up to:

- Loves to be swaddled. And I mean LOVES. It has to be in her swaddle blanket though.
- Purses her lips so perfectly, almost making a Zoolander face.
- Toots like no body's business. This girl's like a bag pipe! (We chuckle at night when she's farting up a storm in our bedroom).
- Enjoys being held SUPER tight.
- Is a great cuddler, and loves snuggling right in one's neck.
- Calms down real fast (and well at that), for momma.
- Really loves being in bed w/momma in the mornings (when sister's napping), and can be found right in between momma's chest, snuggled tightly.
- Relatively calm baby, other than when she's hungry. WATCH OUT! She gets hangry (hungry and angry).
- Has started to develop a little bit of reflux, we've noticed. No official diagnosis yet- Just some things we've noticed.
- Screams during bath time, but starts to calm down once we get her on the changing table & begin the swaddling process.
- Drinks about 2-3 ounces every three hours.
- And weighs 7 pounds 7 ounces (19th percentile), is 19 1/2 inches long (14th percentile), and has a head that is in the 20th percentile (35 cm). All as of her 2 week wellness check.

That's all we have for this one, as of now!
This Sweet P lives up to her name, to the day, and we just love having her be part of our family. We are so in love w/this sweet addition we've created, and have enjoyed every minute w/her; Especially when we see how much her big sister pays attention to her & loves her. We are so so thankful she's off her monitors now. Being "plugged in" was real hard those first 30 days, but we know she needed it & are grateful for the patience it's created. She's definitely growing faster than Jovi did at this age, so it's kind of bitter sweet seeing her outgrow all the NB clothes so quickly; However, it's nice not having to worry about a baby gaining weight (like we had to worry about w/Jovi, at first).
I am still baffled by the fact that she chose and trusted us to care for her, and am so so thankful she did. I love this little snuggle bug more than words, and her dad just melts when she snuggles up tightly to him.
We love watching Miss P learn and grow, but at the same time want her to be our forever baby.