Thumper's Shower

My sweet sisters threw the sweetest shower for this sweet baby girl and me.
We aren't too big on the cliche pink that everyone else does for a girl, so we chose peach.
We welcomed this little peach with these yummy treats:

Sorbet floats
Cake balls
Chicken salad sandwiches and
Pasta salad

My best friend (Kellie) flew in from California and made these delicious macaroons.
She made two different kinds. Peach cobbler & lemon curd. They were yummy!

Here are the delicious cake balls my sisters made. My mouth is watering!

My mother-in-law and Jake's aunt were a huge help in this.
They made the delicious chicken salad sandwiches and boy were they a hit!

The mason jars w/the adorable striped straws were just way too cute!
And, gotta love the peach rings :)

These pom pom balls were just made out of tissue paper.
My sisters were kind enough to let me keep some for our little one's room, since we're doing her room in peach, grey, yellow and white :)

My mom made THE cutest diaper cake I have ever seen.
Of course there's a piano on there, since mom plays the keys.
She already thinks Thumper will play, by the looks of her long fingers in her ultrasounds.
Note the sparkly shoes. My mom loves shoes and is already passing on the addiction. 

And here's lovely 'ol me (insert sarcasm here). Clearly I'm just a few weeks away from our due date.

Look at all these clothes. This is just from the shower.
Notice all the pink? :)

Photo taken on my iPhone

My mom definitely outdid herself when it came to presents. 
This is one of the many.
Can you tell she's excited for us to come to California?!?!
She wants that baby in her pool NOW!

Photo taken on my iPhone

My mom's mom got us these shoes!
She said they reminded her of me.
Maybe because I have the adult version of these?

Photo taken on my iPhone

Here are the matching shoes that I have.
I wore these on our wedding day

and again for our maternity pictures

My (over achiever) cousin made these adorable little baby sandals!

Photo taken on my iPhone

Her daughter modeled them for us

Photo taken on my iPhone

Photo taken on my iPhone

She also made this adorable matching headband and matching burp cloth.
See- I told you she's an over achiever ;)
PS the onesie her little girl is wearing, is one that she gave to us.
Her little girl just couldn't help but model it!

Photo taken on my iPhone

Seriously, how adorable is her little girl?!

Photo taken on my iPhone

I felt so loved all day, seeing all the people in our home.
Our house was definitely filled w/love all weekend.
Thumper and I received more than enough on Saturday & we both couldn't be more grateful. Her dad is especially loving all the pink!
We thank everyone who came in from out of town & who helped participate in some of the larger group gifts.
Everything helps and goes a long way, so thank you all for coming and showing your love and support.
We can't wait for our little (or big, long) one to get here.
Look for a thank you card from us soon! :) 


Maternity Pictures

I was always against maternity pictures. Until recently.
Yeah, I have photos (mirror selfies) of my belly, but that wasn't enough for me.
I knew I wanted nice photos of me and Jake, since we hadn't had photos taken since we were engaged.
And that was almost three years ago. So hello!
Anyway, I wanted to remember how I felt w/Thumper inside of me.
And iPhone selfless were not gonna do.
So I dragged Jake to a local studio and we went shutterbug happy.
Boy am I glad we did!

Here are some of the faves:

I ordered an 8x10 of this one, to hang on our wall

This one didn't turn out AS well as I had hoped.
Had I picked a darker paint swatch, I think it might've worked though.

These aren't just any shoes. My dad's mom sent these to us, as soon as she found out what we were having.
I had to get a photo w/these. Thumper's first pair of shoes!

This is Thumper's coming home outfit. We bought it because it has little rabbits on it :)

Here are the little Thumper's on her going home outfit, since you can't see it in the above photo.

Photo taken on my iPhone

I originally had another photographer booked, but she didn't have a studio and I was a little worried how these would turn out, since we're in the winter season right now.
All the grass is dead, and there isn't really much snow, so I was hesitant.
Until a good friend (Breanne) mentioned this awesome studio!
Special thanks to Camera Shy Photography, in Lehi. 
We absolutely loved our photographer and cannot wait to go back when we have our little one.
We were told to take them back (for infant photos) within the first 10 days.
I've seen their infant photos and they do a GREAT job, so I cannot wait for our little Thumper to be in their studio.
They have THE cutest props, outfits, bows, etc. 
Oh man I couldn't contain myself!
I highly recommend these guys, especially before April 14th. 
They have a referral program where you can save $10 :)


Preggo Eggo Update- Week 32

Hi guys, I'm still alive. Sorry I haven't blogged/updated anyone in awhile. We just moved into our new house & have been busy settling in, so forgive me for not doing an update sooner :) 

How many weeks?: 32 exactly, today! (Still measuring a bit ahead)
Size of Baby: Head of lettuce, 19 inches long, 3.9 pounds.
Countdown: 9 weeks
Total weight gain/loss: Not sure about the total, but I know I lost weight between my last appointment and the one after that.

I've been seeing my doctor every week, for the last three weeks, due to some possible complications. My last appointment (last Monday 01/27) my doctor said I lost weight (7 lbs. to be exact) in seven days. He said he normally likes to see his OB patients gain more weight in the third trimester, and that he's never seen someone lose so much weight so fast, in the third trimester. Oops? I promise it won't happen again :) 

Maternity Clothes?: Surprisingly, I'm getting sick of them. I'm currently wearing whatever's comfortable, and not fashionable/warm. Maxi skirts and flip flops have been the usual. Yes, even in the snow. Sometimes I'll wear a maternity shirt, but other times I just wear some of Jake's old Calle shirts, because they're big & comfortable, but don't look too frumpy. They're just snug enough to look cute w/a little zip up hoodie. 
Energy Levels: I was feeling pretty great last week. When I saw my doctor at my last OB appointment (last Monday 01/27) my energy levels were a lot higher than they were the week prior, but they're kinda coming back down again. 
Exercise Habits: Lately I've probably been getting a lot more exercise because we've been running a lot of errands, but other than that, you won't see me coin laps around the neighborhood. 
Sleeping?Last week they were pretty good, and my doctor was really impressed! The last few days, I've started the insomnia again though. I seem to be up between 2-4am starving. I'll often find myself wandering around our house, but I usually just end up in bed after a drink of water, and a piece of bread. That seems to do it. 
Worst Moment in the past 2 weeks: Lower back problems & realizing they're only going to get worse. Much worse. Bad dreams can be added to that list too. My dreams are so vivid & seem so real. They always have been, in my pregnancy, but they've been getting worse lately. A lot of them have to do w/labor and delivery. I hope none of these dreams/nightmares come true. 
Best Moment in the past 2 weeksPassing my glucose test, getting settled in our newly bought home together, purchasing a few necessities for the baby (crib, diaper bag, her going home outfit), and getting RSVPs for the upcoming baby shower. 

There's definitely more good moments, than bad. 

Miss anything?: A full 8 hours of sleep (but let's be honest- I haven't had one of those nights since before we got pregnant), getting dressed by myself, feeling like an elderly woman w/how often I have to use the facilities, and being able to move freely w/o this tight basketball in my way. Even brushing my teeth is difficult! Leaning over the counter is NOT fun! Ouch.
Movement: Still, all the time. People have been asking me if she's flipped and I'm pretty sure she has 'cuz I can constantly see her little bumskee sticking out, but I wouldn't know. She's such an active baby, that even if she did flip, I wouldn't know the difference. This active jumping bean finds a way to move, weather there's room or not. I wonder when she'll realize...

I can always feel her little bum sticking out

Photo taken on my iPhone

Morning Sickness?: I'm definitely getting more food sensitive, like how I was in the first trimester. I find myself having to eat more & more often, and get nauseous if I don't. I had to borrow a couple Zofran pills from a co-worther this week, so I figured it was just time to refill my own prescription, just in case. I haven't actually thrown up, but I did catch myself dry heaving in the bathroom at work. I'm trying to stay on top of my water intake 'cuz that seems to help, but other than that, I'm just trying to be real careful & carry more snacks w/me again. 
Food Cravings: Oreo McFlurrys from McDees. Extra oreo :) 
Food Aversions: Anything spicy and or greasy. This is mainly to avoid heartburn, although that has gone down A LOT since she's dropped. 
Showing yet?: I'm just straight out in front. I swear people think I was due yesterday. And I still have two months to go. Oh my. 
Stretch Marks?: They're actually going away and getting lighter in color. I was surprised. I haven't had any real thick, painful ones, and they seem to stick around just on my legs and stomach. Feeling grateful. 

I swear it's because of this awesome cream though:

Photo taken on my iPhone

Gender: GIRL!!! As far as we know :)
Labor signs: Braxton Hicks & they're happening more & more often. I try to just breathe through them, but from my understanding, they shouldn't be THIS painful. Either I'm having pre-term labor signs and don't know it, or I'm just a sissy. 
Moods: I've seen those hormones kick in this last week. I'm getting more & more tired, and my nesting has kicked in full swing. We've been in this house almost a month, so I've been going organize crazy, and have just been wanting to do EVERYTHING right now for the baby. I realize some things CAN wait, and will wait (until after the shower, to see what we get/don't get), but it's so hard to put things off like that, when I'm in nesting mode. 

See- There go those hormones again. Crazy!

Not Looking Forward to: Gaining more water weight. I'm curious to see how much amniotic fluid I have, because my stomach just feels like a giant swimming pool. I had a lot of water weight recently, but I also recently changed my diet & noticed a lot of that went away (ie- foot swelling). I can control my diet and what goes into by body, so if that prevents me carrying water weight, I'll say goodbye to the DP and salt/soy/sodium. If the baby is getting bigger (which I know she will) and I'm just carrying more amniotic fluid- Ugh. That's all I have to say about that. 
Looking Forward To: Painting the nursery next weekend 'cuz that means I get to unpack all her stuff & arrange all her furniture. I haven't been able to do that yet!!!! Hello decorating! Hobby Lobby and I are about to renew our vows and I couldn't be more anxious. 
I go every 2 weeks to the doctor now and at 36 weeks will start going every week. I love my doctor and the staff in the office, but it's nice to go every two weeks, and not every week anymore… Even though I know I'll be going every week soon hahaha It was just a nice break & to know my health is in good standing. Never been so thankful. 
Eek! We're getting close. I'll be going every week at 36 weeks. It's nice to hear her heartbeat every time, and just have confirmation that I'm doing well (health wise) and that Thumper seems to be healthy & active. 

Photo taken on my iPhone

Photo taken on my iPhone

This is the new diaper bag I got. It's Petunia Picklebottom and I've always wanted one.

Photo taken on my iPhone