Three month stats (P)

Presley is three months old!

I'm almost on time hahaha P turned three months on Saturday (08/15) and is getting so big!

Here's what she's been up to:

- Grabs onto momma's hair LOTS and pulls out a ton.
- Stops crying pretty quickly, as soon as she gets picked up.
- Sleeps throughout the night!!!! (She usually lays down around 9pm and doesn't wake up until about 5 or 6am)
- Is eating 5 ounces every 2-3 hours.
- Broke free of the velcro swaddle!!! That's a huge accomplishment, as she had to be swaddled at ALL times or else she'd cry. (I still swaddle her LOSELY at night when she goes to sleep though. Just with a regular blanket).
- Started giggling! She gets a kick out of her big sister & thinks the world of her… You can tell. She'll look at her and just smile. And Jovi LOVES getting a reaction out of her. It's so sweet watching them together. I don't know which one I enjoy watching more!!! Ha
- Did I mention she loves smiling?!?! Oh boy. She'll give anyone who pays attention to her, a grin.
- She tells stories. And boy are they STORIES! She just coos and coos. I could listen to it all day.
- Has discovered her hands & constantly has them in her mouth.
- She still does this sighing thing (that she's been doing since she was first born). Except she does it all the time now. What a damsel in distress we have on our hands! Seriously, it's so dramatic, but it never gets old.
- Slobbers & drools a ton.
- Does relatively well at tummy time (with the help of a boppy pillow on the floor). She tries to push up on her toes/knees too.
- Loves watching TV and will demand it while standing up w/her.
- Is getting better at standing on someone's lap.
- Starting to fill in w/her cute little (or big) baby rolls.
- Does spitty bubbles.
- Farts. A lot.
- Veracious eater. 
- Likes to pull her pacifier out all the time. And then gets mad about it. Cuz ya know… It's our fault.
- Loves it when dadda kisses her tummy.
- Really enjoys bath time now. Except for when you dry her off. Yeah, she hates that part.
- Has tried pulling herself up, on more than one occasion.
- She has really good voice recognition & follows really well. ie- When someone (my mom) is talking, she'll stare intently at them.
- Had a successful ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) evaluation. Her pediatrician recommended we see a specialist, since she had a raspy cry; However the ENT specialist scoped her & said everything looked great, and that the raspy cry should only be temporary. (Pediatrician was afraid there might have been damage to her tonsils from being intabated in the NICU for the 4-5 days). Looks like the raspyness should ease up the older she gets & once she's eating solids. It's mainly from the reflux & that should lighten up within time & once she starts on the rice cereal. 
- And she is very much so a momma's girl. Still. She'll discover the coolness of her dad one day. 

I (unfortunately) don't have any height/weight measurements for this post, but definitely will for her four month update, as she & Jovi both have check ups then :)


Presley's Baby Blessing

A couple weekends ago, we had the opportunity to bless our little Presley.
(There weren't any other baby blessings, since we didn't do it on a Fast Sunday.)
Presley wore the same dress that both Jovi and I wore on our blessing days!!!
What a simple & special day it was.
We had less people attend this time & it was just perfect.
Her dad said some very sweet, special words that I will never forget.
Thank you to everyone who came, traveled (near & far), and all who helped.
It was a bit toasty, being the middle of summer, but we got some special pictures.

Here are a few of the favorites:

Nana & Grandpa

Grammy & Papa Joe

Uncle Austin, Auntie Kelsey and Auntie Courtney

All the women!
Gigi, Nana, Jovi, Presley, Momma, Grammy, and Great Grandma 

All the men (in the family) who were part of the circle

We want to thank everyone who came out for the blessing; Especially those who traveled out of state.
We only had family travel from California this time. It was nice.
We had such a nice time visiting w/those we don't get to see too often. 
Special thanks to those who were worthy enough to be part of the circle. Thank you, thank you. Such a sweet, special time. 
Circle: Our bishop (Bishop Marshall), my dad (Russ), my brother (Austin), Jake's dad (Papa Joe), Brian Thompson (my childhood best friend's husband), and Corbin (friend & co-worker).
There were many others who were invited to be part of the circle, but were not able to make it (for whatever reason).
I cannot stop thinking about how special & sweet this day was. 
That is exactly how I would describe our precious baby girl, too. 

Presley June, your dad and I love you very very much & hope you are able to bring those around you, closer to Christ. 
Jake, thank you (again) for being the worthy Priesthood holder that you are, so you could bless both our daughters.