Preggo Eggo Update- Week 29

How many weeks?: Since we're still measuring two weeks ahead, we're goin with 29 weeks.
Size of Baby: Butternut squash. Weighs around 2 1/2 pounds and is just over 15 inches long. 
Maternity Clothes?: Still mainly wearing boots, leggings, and sweaters. I don't have maternity pajamas, so I mainly wear Jake's pajama bottoms, since they're bigger & looser on my hips. 
Energy Levels: None. This last week has been horrible. All I've wanted to do is sleep and eat. Mainly sleep. I am so exhausted and cannot stand for very long, without my hips feeling like they're going to pop out of my body. 
Exercise Habits: None, other than walking around at the office. 
Sleeping?: Next to very little or none. I'm miserable. The pregnancy pillow helps, but only to a certain extent. I now have insomnia really really bad.   
Worst Moment in the past 2 weeks: Feeling so exhausted that I can't even make it through a full eight hour day at work. I feel bad for not (financially) contributing as much), but it hurts to sit for long periods of time, and all I want to do is sleep!
Best Moment in the past 2 weeks: Coming into the new year 'cuz that means our baby girl will be here in just three more months (exactly) as of tomorrow, and finding out our loan already went through on our house. Now, if we can just get this builder of ours to finish everything, so we can stop living in boxes & move! 
Miss anything?: Where do I even begin?… Um, being able to get dressed by myself. I will never ever take for granted again, being able to dress and undress the bottom half of me. Jake has been so helpful and assists me every morning/night, but it'd be nice to not have this pelvic pain, so I can take my own pants on/off. Also, in case you couldn't tell from previous responses, I really miss sleep. Anything more than two consecutive hours would be nice. And to be able to roll over w/o bumping my stomach and having it hurt. That'd be nice too :)
Movement: She's slowed down. Major. I had a mild panic attack this week when her movement (literally) changed over night. Needless to say, I went in for an ever-so-random doctor's appointment and boy am I glad I did. I got peace of mind & assurance, knowing she's just growing and probably running out of move to kick around as much. She's also going through longer sleep patterns & doesn't have as much energy/time to move as much as she did. 
Morning Sickness?: No siree. I'm not so sensitive to any foods at all, really, other than greasy, spicy, and acidic foods. They all cause heartburn. 
Food Cravings: Uh… This last week I'm afraid to say it's been desserts. I still crave proteins (mainly burgers), but desserts have been #1 in our house. I'm talking cake, pie, and cookies. All in one week. 
Food Aversions: I try to avoid greasy foods, if possible. They cause really bad heart burn, which lead to acid reflux. 
Showing yet?: Duh. I started showing between 10-12 weeks, and have only been showing more & more every day. Thumper wanted her presence to be known at a very early stage, and boy has she done just that! I swear, people think I'm due like yesterday.  Our little Thumper is in the 87th percentile from her abdomen down. She has some long 'ol legs. 
Stretch Marks?: I've been having a lot of hip and lower back pain lately. I woke up one morning to a significant amount of stretch marks on my hips, and to find that Thumper has dropped. Makes sense. My hips are widening & preparing for labor.  
Gender: She's still a she.
Labor signs: Just Braxton Hicks and baby dropping lower. We're one step closer to D-day with those signs! Doctor says to be careful though, so that I don't go into pre-term labor. 
Moods: I've been in the "nesting" stage for awhile now, but I don't think it helps that we're in the middle of packing/moving everything. I think I'm just really sick of being in boxes, to be honest. I'm naturally a really clean/organize person (so is Jake), so this is driving me nuts! I just wanna get settled in to the new house already, so I can start on the nursery :) 
Not Looking Forward to: Still… The glucose test. I'm hearing more & more often now that it's not that bad, but I fear I'm going to fail it, or that something strange will pop up. Better study! 
Looking Forward To: Getting the results of the glucose test over with and done! That appointment is next Monday (a week from tomorrow) and I'm just trying to make sure I do everything possible to pass.