Eight month stats

Jovi is eight months old!

She turned eight months old last Thursday (11/13). I think there's only been maaaaaybeeee one time I've posted EXACTLY on time. Suck!
Here's what our chuncky's been up to:

- She crawls everywhere (started just before she turned eight months), and is pretty fast.
- Gets super excited to see her dada, and nana on FaceTime. Those are the two we FaceTime with on the daily, and she LOVES them!
- Still trying to get those top center chompers to come in. They're SO close and I can see AND feel them. They're just stubborn and don't wanna come down. Urgh!
- Has realized she has legs and wants to do more w/them than just crawl. Yeah, she only crawled for about two weeks before she was pulling herself up on things. She first started w/pulling herself up on me (while sitting on the floor playing w/her). But now it's anything really. Her swing, the couch, the wall- You name it, she pulls up on it.
- Loves to crawl over to the kitchen floor and drool, then play in her drool. Gross, I know. 
- Loves to poke and play w/our faces. She especially loves to pull on daddy's ear, grab at his nose, and touch his face; Especially when he has whiskers and hasn't shaved in awhile. As for me, she loves to pat my face, and stick her fingers in mouth. I dunno what it is about faces, but it's the cutest thing.
- Eats all her baby food all gone now! She eats one fruit in the morning (followed by a bottle of diluted apple juice), and she'll eat one vegetable in the afternoon. She likes them all. Definitely has her favorites (apples, peaches, squash, and sweet potatoes), but will eat all her food ALL gone, even if she's not too fond of it. We have an EXCELLENT eater!
- Speaking of baby food, it doesn't have to be warmed up anymore. We stopped spoiling her, and give it to her straight out of our pantry. The only time we had to warm it up before, was when we'd refrigerate it, but now she eats all her baby food in one setting, so that's no longer needed :)
- She gets SUPER excited to see her BFF Hayden. As mentioned in my previous post, Hayden lives just two houses over from us and they play often during the week. Hayden's family sat in front of us @ church the other day, and she got SO excited to see her, and was trying to get at her the entire time. Kinda disruptive, yeah, but still super cute.
- We've lowered her crib! It doesn't look like a little baby crib (to me), anymore. She's lowered as low as it can go 'cuz heck- Why not. We'll just have to keep lowering it, so why not just do it all at once?!?! And that we did. She didn't like it at first. The first night, I think she felt really far away from things (ie- her mobile and the baby monitor), but she's adjusted to it now, and so have our backs :)
- She (lately) has been pulling out her pacificer just to talk to us, then will put it back in when she's done babbling. Don't worry- I speak baby fluently and TOTALLY understand everything she says… Not really…
- Has started giving kisses. I kiss just right under her chin and she slobbers on my forehead, like she's kissing me back. She'll slobber on Jake's head, when he's down on the floor playing w/her and it's THE cutest thing you've ever seen. She also gave Hayden kisses the other day, when she was on the floor getting changed. I didn't realize she understood and realized what kisses were, but BOY DOES SHE!
- She thinks knows it's the best time of the day when her dada comes home from work! She demands for him to get on the floor and play w/her RIGHT AWAY. No, not even a bathroom break is okay. She'll scream at him until he pays FULL attention to her. She really likes climbing on him, patting his head, pulling at his face, and getting tickles. Can we say daddy's girl?!?
- I don't have the exact height & weight for her, since she hasn't had an appointment since her last visit… BUT… I can tell you that she's growing out of her footies SUPER fast. She is currently wearing 12 month footie pajamas, and I fear she'll outgrow them next week. Stop growing baby girl. Can't you just be our little baby forever?!?! Between you crawling & wanting to stand up all the time- There's just too much goin on for our little (big) eight month old girl.