Jake's first Father's Day (as a dad)

Men. They never specify or tell you what they want/need.
I had to kind wing it this year & just do my own thing for Jake.
Oh wait- This was the first year we ever celebrated father's day for someone else other than our own.

We got dad some new razors he's been wanting to try.
I gotta admit- It looks really cool. I think I wanna try some too! wink wink (not really)
We also got our Papa Bear some yummy treats 'cuz let's face it. What guy doesn't want yummy goods for his office?
The man got me some coupons of none interrupted sleep (for Mother's Day), so I thought I'd make him three fishing coupons- Good for any time, if he asks first. Ha!
Valid through Oct. 2014 :) So I guess not really good any time. 

The sisters in our ward were asked to help volunteer to bring treats for all the dads.
Here are my "pops" for all the cool ones out there.

Jake's treats

I made Jake some fishing cupcakes, along w/his coupons for going fishing.
More goodies for our Papa Bear

Jovi made this little craft for her dada, who she loves ever so much.
I wish it would've turned out a little cuter, but it is what it is
I'm so grateful for this hard working man of ours, that we like to call dad.
He gets his great work ethic from his dad, so thank you Papa Joe for raising a man well.
We weren't able to talk to Papa Joe this Father's Day, because he left for scout camp earlier.
Last year we ran into the same problem, but were able to catch him before he ran out of cell service.
We hope it was a good one, Papa Joe. You're loved dearly in this household.
I sure do love seeing Jake do all these manly things. 
He's in such a zone when he's mowing our lawn, and I love seeing him so happy.
He takes such great care of us & likes doing all these home improvement things, to our newly purchased home.
Thank you for working so hard, Papa Bear, so I can be a stay at home mom and have this one-on-one quality time (which we both feel is extremely important in our household).
We hope you had a great first Father's Day, Jake. Enjoy some fishin & yummy treats!

To make Father's Day even more special, this year, Jake was sustained and set apart on Sunday, for his new callings.
That's right. Callings…TWO!
He was called the week prior and I knew it would be a big one, when they asked us both to come in the room.
Jake is now the assistant scout master, and deacon's quorum advisor. 
He'll be planning monthly camp-outs for the young men in our church, and he'll be required to attend scout camp this summer, as well.
Since we'll be gone the week PRIOR to scout camp, he won't be able to attend the ENTIRE week, but at the very least he'd attend one night at the end of the camp.
I know he's looking forward to the monthly camp-outs.
From what I hear, they're pretty hard core w/them.
Jake is just the perfect guy for these callings, and I know he'll excel at them.
These are both right up his ally.
When he was being called to these assignments, he mentioned how he had great young men leaders (growing up), and that he hopes to carry on those examples to these young men as well.

As for us girls? Jake will be gone every Wednesday night, for weekly activities w/these boys, and one Friday a month for the camp outs.
Our Papa Bear will be spending lots of time in the Uintahs and I know he aint mad about it!
Happy campin boys!


Three month stats

Jovi is three months old!

I'm on time I'm on time!

Jovi is exactly three months old today & time just flies by faster and faster. 


Here's what she's been up to:

- She can now grab things with her cute little fingers/hands and holds onto them tightly.
- Loves to grab mom's hair & necklace.
- Snuggles w/mom every time she gets picked up.
- Sleeps throughout the night!!! (If she's in her bassinet between 9-10pm she won't wake up until about 5am for a feeding, then will go back to sleep for another couple hours. If she's in her bassinet any earlier than 9pm, she usually wakes up for a 1am feeding, then will go back to sleep until about 4am)
-Starts out at eating 4oz. then will eat one or two more, depending on how hungry she is.
- Can put herself to sleep, when tired. (Seriously. She'll get a little fussy and I'll just put her down in her bassinet & she'll fall asleep on her own. Sweet girl)
- She's starting to giggle! Not big/loud enough to record quite yet though.
- Smiles all the time. ALL the time; Especially if mom gets right in her face & talks to her.
- Babbles none stop & is wide awake/talkative most in the mornings.
- Love to watch her mobile in her bassinet & will kick and move her arms and babble like cuh-razy (She gets a little excited at the music & twinkling lights).
- Determined to get both her hands in her mouth WHILE talking. Yes. That's right. Both (She sometimes will gag while doing this).
- Slobbers like crazy now that she's teething. TEETHING!… Grumpy? Of course not.
- Can now blow spit bubbles & loves to do it often.
- Likes playing airplane w/mom and will look down and smile at her when she's "way up high".
- Moves her head back & forth when curious about new surroundings.
- Loves to be held over our shoulders, to check out everything.
- Likes sitting up on one's lap & looking at whoever's holding her; Especially if there's a design on their shirt.
-Hates to have her feet covered & will kick off all blankets, when possible (She gets that from her dad).
- Still makes the funniest animal noises.
- Can stand up on your lap & likes to use her legs to jump up & down (just a little bit of jumping).
- Is getting better at tummy time & can hold her head, while moving it from side to side. She'll also move & kick her legs (while doing this) to the point where she can scoot herself. We're getting SO close to crawling… yes, already. 
- Notices electronics & gets distracted while eating. 
- Has gotten better at Face Timing and will interact more w/the people in the box. 
- And will do her crying beg until someone comes to her side, to pay attention to her. The second you're within eye-sight, she's fine. What a little stinker!

I (unfortunately) don't have any height/weight measurements for this post, but definitely will for her four month update.