Six month stats

Jovi is six months old!

She turned six months on Saturday (09/13). AH! Halfway to a year already. You better BELIEVE I've already started planning her first birthday.
Here's what our chunky monkey has been up to:

- She rolls around like cuh-razy. Both ways too!
- Has two teeth. Both in the bottom front and we THINK another one is coming in up top.
- When playing on the floor, she scoots as close to the living room window as possible, and plays w/the curtains. That just means one thing guys- Her love for Target already. 
- Tries to roll over when we change her diaper now. It's getting pretty difficult to change her these days. 
- Holds both her feet and grabs at ALL things.
- Enjoys pinching and grabbing at our faces. It's pretty cute. The pinching thing? Not so much, but the grabbing at our faces? Oh yeah.
- She still starts out at eating 5 ounces, but will easily down 6 in the morning when she first wakes up.
- Has started eating a little bit of rice cereal at night before she goes to bed. It's the cutest thing to see her licking the spoon like a puppy dog.
- Is trying SO SO hard to sit up on her own. She comes close, but not quite. Soon guys, soon.
- LOVES seeing her Papa Bear pull in the drive way. She seriously gets so excited & tenses up. It's the cutest thing EVER.
- Enjoys a good game of Peek-A-Boo and often jumps when we "scare" her. She's such a jumpy baby.
- Has recently started this new thing, where she'll look away from me & smile, but won't look right at me and smile. Pretty sure she knows what she's doing too. That little stink.
- She really really likes her stroller and will look around at everything, while on our afternoon walks.
- Likes other babies but looks at them like they're NUTS when they cry.
- Has become smarter and smarter w/knowing who people are. She has voice and face recognition when we FaceTime w/family now.
- Speaking of FaceTime, she really likes FaceTiming w/Papa Bear, while he's at work. 
- She likes to look at herself in the mirror. I'm not sure if she thinks she's seeing another baby, or if she just really likes looking at herself, but she smiles so big and thinks she is just the coolest.
- Enjoys looking at photos of herself. She recently watched a video of herself giggling (on my iPhone), and was drooling over it. She seriously couldn't take her eyes off it and thought she was pretty neat.
- And she smiles SO big, when we go in to get her in the morning, or after any nap. It just melts my little heart, and I could die happy seeing that little one smile. Her sweet face lights up a whole room and just makes my entire day.