Tutu dress

A wonderfully talented & sweet lady in our ward took these of Jovi yesterday.
She needed a baby model to help advertise for her headbands and tutu dresses.
Sure! You can use my kid!

Thanks so much for taking these Mandy. You did a great job!
I can't wait to book her for our family pictures!!!!

This is one of my faves!

I also love these last two. Those baby blues :)


Five month stats

Jovi is five months old!

Jovi turned five months old last Wednesday (08/13).
Here's what our funny bunny's been up to:

- She rolls from her back to her front, and her front to her back. But only rolls to her right side. Not her left. Little weirdo.
- Lifts her head SO high when on her tummy. She pushes her butt up in the air and rocks back & forth, almost making an attempt to crawl.
- Enjoys her mamaroo swing STILL and laughs/talks to the mobile.
- Has one tooth in the front, on the bottom, and has a neighbor tooth joining it. It's SOOOOOO close to surfacing. Poor baby.
- Gets a kick out of sticking her tongue out & doing motor boat noises. Yeah, she laughs at herself & smiles at us, like she did something big. 'Cuz ya know what- She did!
- Grabs all her toys and holds onto them SO well!
- Always holds her right foot w/her right hand. Never the other tootsie- Just the one. 
- Kicks and stretches when we change her diaper. Seriously, it's the funniest thing. Her stomach sticks out so far.
- Eats anywhere from 5-7 ounces. (We start her out at five and she usually finishes that, no problem.
- Gets SUPER excited when she sees daddy come home from work. We usually stand outside & wait for him these days.
- She sleeps in her nursery now. All alone. And it's such a long walk down the hallway, when I hear her sweet little cry, for whatever reason.
- Has a baby monitor & makes THE cutest little noises on it. 
- She sticks her tongue out (like a baboon), when she's teething, and makes little monkey noises.
- Loves to play games. She'll turn her head away from me (if I try to kiss her), but if Jake tries to kiss her… That's a different story. Now, if Jake's holding her and HE tries to kiss her, she won't let him. But if I try to kiss her while he's holding her- Done. She'll let me. And she grins while doing it. 
- She's hilarious and constantly makes us laugh w/her little noises. She almost sounds nasally. 
- Likes her teething ring, but not cold. And usually prefers her hands over anything.
- And lastly, she has grown a whole inch since her last appointment (07/30). She's now sitting right at 26 inches.