4th of July 2016

We had so much fun for the 4th of July this year!
We started out by picking up my brother (Austin) and his girlfriend (Brenna) in Salt Lake Sunday afternoon.
Monday morning we headed to downtown Lehi where we played and swam.
I loved that place. It was both indoor AND outdoor.
As you can see, Jovi had so much fun, and so did Presley.
Both my girls are little water babies.

We kinda skipped naps, and just went straight home to play some more.
My sister (Kelsey) met us at our house afterwards, and that's when the real party began!
We love Auntie Kelsey!

Jovi loves being outside & riding her bike!
Presley really enjoys being outside, as well, and waves to EVERYONE.
What social butterflies I have!
We BBQed hotdogs and had some delicious corn on the cob, watermelon, sweet potato fries & chips.
Costco made a yummy berry pie, and we enjoyed every bit of it w/vanilla ice cream.
I couldn't stop eating! It was such good food!

Happy Birthday, America. 
We realize this land isn't free, and we are so so thankful for all those who have sacrificed, continue to do so, and who will in the future.
Thank you to all the men, women, and families who make so many scarifies for our freedom.

God Bless America. Land that I love



Nine month stats (P)

Presley is nine months old!

Our little Sweet P turned nine months old yesterday (Tuesday, February 15th). I can't believe how fast time has flown!!!! Slow down, baby girl. Slow down! 
Here is what she's been up to:
- She has two teeth & both are dead center, bottom. They are so so cute and you can really see them when she opens her mouth to CRY!
- Still takes 2 naps, but the morning one has become significantly shorter. Instead of sleeping from 9/9:30-12/12:30, she now will sleep from 9/9:30 until about 10/10:30
- Can pull herself up when laying down on your chest.
- Is talking (babbling) a ton a ton a ton a ton. 
- Sits in the high chair when eating, because let's face it- She can't sit in the bumbo forever. And she kinda outgrew it and could almost pop herself out of it.
- Has started eating those puffy little starts (snacks that dissolve in her mouth), and does GREAT w/them. We bring them to church on Sundays and they keep her VERY entertained. She's good at eating them in her high chair too. You can put a few on her tray and she'll play w/them and grab them, or you can put one in her mouth (or hand), and she does really well w/that too. It's so cute to see her play w/it in her mouth.
- Has recently discovered other babies and thinks they are the COOLEST. I'm not sure if she thinks they're her or what, but either way, it's just the CUTEST!
- She scoots in the bathtub! I usually sit her up, to bathe her, and she'll scoot all the way down to the other end. It is so funny to watch… I even got it on video.
- Even though she's still not mobile, her head is a perfectly round shape and just beautiful. We love her cute little head & her little ears. (She definitely takes after me on that one).
- She's getting more hair on top of her head! It's so so so so cute and it hangs over her ears a bit.
- Has begun picking at her headbands and doesn't really keep them on anymore. Sad day for SURE! I'm at least glad it's taken her THIS long to get to this point; However, I'm still sad because she looks oh so cute and that gold, leather bow, and all the other ones I've made to match all her outfits. (Yes, I still do that). She'll even take off her hoodie! That girl…
- Has become a little more sassy and has that little personality of hers coming out more & more every day.
- Will yell at me if I take too long putting another spoonful in her mouth. No seriously, if I put her food down for a minute (to do something for Jovi, or flip a quesadilla, or get a drink, etc.) she YELLS at me! Ha
- Loves her dadda and gets so so excited to see him.
- Has tried eating & drinking sissy's snacks. Grrrr gotta keep an eye out on those two! (Jovi will sometimes try to sneak goldfish snacks to her sister, and bless her heart for sharing I'll have to fish them out of Presley's mouth. Literally!)
- Will kick and scoot (in the middle of the night, while sleeping), so that when I go into their room in the morning, she'll be clear on the other side of her crib! So now I put some padding at the top, so when she DOES do that, she won't bump her head so much. 
- And weighs 21 pounds (87th percentile), is 29 inches long (92nd percentile), and has a head that's in the 55th percentile (44 cm). Her doctor said her head is just perfect the way it is (which is something we were really worried about since she's not mobile). We just love every ounce and roll of our little Sweet P! She is just the perfect addition to our family and we love love love seeing her interact w/her big sister. They are just SO fun together. 


Cheesy Pepperoni Pizza Sticks

  • 1 tube Pillsbury pizza crust
  • 40 pepperoni slices
  • 10 mozzarella cheese sticks
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • ½ tsp garlic powder
  • ½ tsp dried parsley
  • Optional: marinara sauce for dipping

  1. Preheat oven to 450 degrees.
  2. Spread pizza dough out on a lightly greased baking sheet. Cut the dough into 10 equal size rectangles.
  3. Arrange 4 pepperoni slices on each rectangle and top with a mozzarella cheese stick.
  4. Roll up the pizza dough, enclosing the cheese stick, pinching the seams closed.
  5. Melt the butter and add the garlic powder and dried parsley. Brush the pizza sticks with the butter.
  6. Bake for 10 to 12 minutes or until golden brown.
  7. Enjoy warm with a side of marinara sauce for dipping if desired.


Eight month stats (P)

Presley is eight months old!

Our Sweet P turned 8 months old last Friday (01/15). I think to myself, far too often, that it feels LITERALLY like yesterday that we brought her home. She's just growing so much & so fast. Here's the latest & greatest:

- I've come to terms to just accept and move on w/the fact that she can roll (and will, when she wants to), but that it's just not in her personality to constantly be moving, unless she wants to or has to. 
- Has a tooth (bottom left), but it's just kind of there.
- Loves to kicks humans. Ha!
- Takes about 2 naps during the day (one in the morning around 9:30 for about an hour to two hours), and one in the afternoon when her sister goes down @ 1pm (and that nap's usually around 3 hours). She's pretty much dropped her pre-sleep nap, but sometimes she does like to take a little nap before bed time. It's the Papa Joe in her. 
- Really likes chewing on momma and dada's phone cases. I've decided it has nothing to do w/the phone itself. It's the actual case and rubber on the sides. It's almost like her own little teething ring.
- Has really picked up the whole baby food thing. In fact, she still loves squash & sweet potatoes, but has really gotten the hang of the fruits now. She digs apples, pears, and peaches, but struggles w/bananas. Girl, I don't blame you. 
- Still growls. A lot.
- Has started saying Dada. We think. 
- Eats more baby food than formula. We're trying to ween her slowly off formula, so it's not that hard of a transition when she turns 12 months. We just try not to give her as much as often. We still give it to her though. It's good for her at this age still. 
- Sits up and plays in her Pack 'N Play. She can even sit up (on her own) on the floor too. She does so well & has so much fun! It's so cute to see her reach for all her toys. 
- Is pretty close to pulling herself up, from the laying down position. 
- Can almost pop herself out of her Bumbo. I'm thinking it's almost time for the high chair! 
- Does really really well sitting up in the bath tub. She doesn't kick & splash as much as when she's laying down, but it's still fun to see her playing w/the water. And it's easier to clean her back and back of her baby head. 
- Loves facetiming and thinks it's all about her. In fact, she will growl (or make ANY house she can), so we pay attention to her. She's starting to recognize my mom's face and voice and gets really excited when the camera's on her. 
- And got her first cold this winter, but handled it so so well. She was so close to getting RSV but luckily didn't, and only ended up w/a sinus and ear infection and a little bit of wheezing. We did breathing treatments on her every 4 hours, for 2 weeks, but other than that, she did great and didn't ONCE complain. She was just a very cuddly baby. What's new?!?! We love our Sweet P!


Seven month stats (P)

Presley is seven months old!

Our little Miss P June turned 7 months old a whole month ago (Tuesday, December 15th). We love her so much & can't believe how big she's getting.
Here's what she's been up to:

- She still has the ability to roll from front to back & back to front, but why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?!?!
- Still drooling a ton, but no teeth that we know of. 
- Kicks and kicks and kicks and kicks A TON; Especially while on her changing table.
- Loves to wake up at least 30 minutes before Jovi & is thoroughly entertained by her until we come in to get them. 
- Enjoys putting her feet in her mouth. All the time. It's like they taste like chicken or something?
- Does exceptional when it comes to baby food. Squash & sweet potato are her favorites. No fruits yet. Nope.
- Thinks it's rude for us to eat/drink in front of her and will just stare into your soul until acknowledged. 
- Has started this new thing where she smacks her lips. I can't tell if she's mimicking kisses, trying to talk, or hoping to get a tooth in, but either way, it's the cutest thing & she looks like an old lady w/that gummy little smile. 
- Still eats 6 ounces every 3 hours. But now that she's eating baby food some-what well, we try to give her less formula, if she eats an entire container of baby food. She does pretty well w/that idea too. 
- Has a little bit of trouble sitting up on her own, still, but is getting there! Baby steps people.
- Is determined to pull herself up, when being laid down on the changing table or in her car seat. It's like, if you want to move so bad, don't wait until we lay you down girlfriend. Try to move & crawl on your own when you have the chance! Right? Right? Am I right?!?!
- Totally outgrew the Mamaroo swing. That one was bitter sweet for me, but it's gone. All gone. She didn't want to have anything to do w/that anymore. Got bored after the 6 month mark, just like her big sister.
- Really enjoys bath time. And I mean REALLY. She used to SCREAM in the tub; Especially if Jake bathed her (ha!), but now it's like her favorite thing, besides kisses, snuggles, her sister, and of course FOOD. So we can consider bath time on the list of top 5 favorite things to do. You'd think all that kicking would hurt her heels! Nope. Apparently it doesn't.
- She really really (and I mean REALLY) enjoys a good game of Peek-A-Boo w/her big sissy. Peek-A-Boo is really a game for Jovi, but Presley thinks it's for her and I'm quite all right w/that, because that means BOTH girls are happy at the same time. Not that it's a hard thing to accomplish, but ya know how toddler land is- One minute they're happy & the next minute they're not, so yeah. If they both think that game is for them, then SO BE IT. We love Peek-A-Boo!
- Is a very happy, well loved, beautiful, chunky, soft, squishy baby. Really, she's just been through so much since coming into this world, and she handles it ALL like a champ. Only fusses when tired or hungry. Both my babies have been pretty chill like that. Thank goodness!