Nine month stats (P)

Presley is nine months old!

Our little Sweet P turned nine months old yesterday (Tuesday, February 15th). I can't believe how fast time has flown!!!! Slow down, baby girl. Slow down! 
Here is what she's been up to:
- She has two teeth & both are dead center, bottom. They are so so cute and you can really see them when she opens her mouth to CRY!
- Still takes 2 naps, but the morning one has become significantly shorter. Instead of sleeping from 9/9:30-12/12:30, she now will sleep from 9/9:30 until about 10/10:30
- Can pull herself up when laying down on your chest.
- Is talking (babbling) a ton a ton a ton a ton. 
- Sits in the high chair when eating, because let's face it- She can't sit in the bumbo forever. And she kinda outgrew it and could almost pop herself out of it.
- Has started eating those puffy little starts (snacks that dissolve in her mouth), and does GREAT w/them. We bring them to church on Sundays and they keep her VERY entertained. She's good at eating them in her high chair too. You can put a few on her tray and she'll play w/them and grab them, or you can put one in her mouth (or hand), and she does really well w/that too. It's so cute to see her play w/it in her mouth.
- Has recently discovered other babies and thinks they are the COOLEST. I'm not sure if she thinks they're her or what, but either way, it's just the CUTEST!
- She scoots in the bathtub! I usually sit her up, to bathe her, and she'll scoot all the way down to the other end. It is so funny to watch… I even got it on video.
- Even though she's still not mobile, her head is a perfectly round shape and just beautiful. We love her cute little head & her little ears. (She definitely takes after me on that one).
- She's getting more hair on top of her head! It's so so so so cute and it hangs over her ears a bit.
- Has begun picking at her headbands and doesn't really keep them on anymore. Sad day for SURE! I'm at least glad it's taken her THIS long to get to this point; However, I'm still sad because she looks oh so cute and that gold, leather bow, and all the other ones I've made to match all her outfits. (Yes, I still do that). She'll even take off her hoodie! That girl…
- Has become a little more sassy and has that little personality of hers coming out more & more every day.
- Will yell at me if I take too long putting another spoonful in her mouth. No seriously, if I put her food down for a minute (to do something for Jovi, or flip a quesadilla, or get a drink, etc.) she YELLS at me! Ha
- Loves her dadda and gets so so excited to see him.
- Has tried eating & drinking sissy's snacks. Grrrr gotta keep an eye out on those two! (Jovi will sometimes try to sneak goldfish snacks to her sister, and bless her heart for sharing I'll have to fish them out of Presley's mouth. Literally!)
- Will kick and scoot (in the middle of the night, while sleeping), so that when I go into their room in the morning, she'll be clear on the other side of her crib! So now I put some padding at the top, so when she DOES do that, she won't bump her head so much. 
- And weighs 21 pounds (87th percentile), is 29 inches long (92nd percentile), and has a head that's in the 55th percentile (44 cm). Her doctor said her head is just perfect the way it is (which is something we were really worried about since she's not mobile). We just love every ounce and roll of our little Sweet P! She is just the perfect addition to our family and we love love love seeing her interact w/her big sister. They are just SO fun together. 

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